Lower primary: age 3-7

Explore our comprehensive suite of water safety teaching activities and learning resources, aimed at younger primary school pupils.

These activity packs provide you with teaching ideas to help young people stay safer when they’re near the water – whether at the coast, or inland by rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs.

They’ll also learn what to do – and what not to do – if they ever see someone in trouble in the water.

The Water Safety Passport gives children a solid grounding in our key water safety lessons – with additional activities to choose from, depending on what’s most relevant for your class or group.

  • RNLI Water Safety Passport 1
    A slide from the safety passport workshop
    • 30 mins
    Be safe and have fun around water – collect virtual stamps as you learn.
    RNLI Water Safety Passport 1
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  • Beach bag
    RNLI Beach Bag activity slides
    • 20 mins
    What can you expect to find at the beach or inland waterside places?
    Beach bag
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  • Beach Safe Beach Ball
    Beach safe beach ball
    • 5 mins
    Recap on the things you’ve learned in a longer session
    Beach Safe Beach Ball
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  • Fun by the Water
    Fun by the water
    • 20 mins
    Use your imagination to describe the things you find by the water
    Fun by the Water
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  • Grace Darling: Topic pack
    The Rescue of the Forfarshire by Grace Darling
    • Heritage
    Download our pack containing six lesson plans for pupils aged 3-7, themed around the life of Grace Darling.
    Grace Darling: Topic pack
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  • Fly the Flag
    RNLI Fly The Flag activity slides
    • 30-45 mins
    Learn about beach safety flags and how to know where and when it’s safe to go into the water.
    Fly the Flag
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  • Sounds like Fun
    RNLI Sounds Like Fun activity slides
    • 20 mins
    A starter task to set the scene for a lesson in water safety.
    Sounds like Fun
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  • Is this Safe?
    RNLI Is This Safe activity presentation slides
    • 20 mins
    Get thinking about the safer and less safe ways to behave near the water
    Is this Safe?
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  • Real Life Rescue
    RNLI Real Life Rescue activity presentation slides
    • 30 mins
    Learn how to call for help with 999 or 112.
    Real Life Rescue
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  • What shall we pack?
    What shall we pack?
    • 20 mins
    Get thinking about the things you need to enjoy a day by the water.
    What shall we pack?
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  • To the Rescue
    RNLI To The Rescue activity slides
    • 30 mins
    Learn about brave lifesavers whose jobs it is to help others.
    To the Rescue
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  • Stay Together
    RNLI Stay Together activity presentation slides
    • 20 mins
    Learn the importance of staying within arm’s reach of an adult.
    Stay Together
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