Latest lifeboat launches

Check our map for the latest lifeboat launches around the UK and Ireland. With an average of 24 RNLI lifeboat launches a day, there’s most likely a lifeboat crew out right now saving lives.

Powered by our crew pager system, the map shows recent lifeboat launches from our coastal and inland lifeboat stations in the last 48 hours.

You can see if your local lifeboat station has had a recent lifeboat launch. Or just get an overall view of RNLI latest launches across the UK and Ireland. By selecting a lifeboat launch on the map, you can find out the name of the lifeboat station and the time and date of the lifeboat launch. You can also visit the lifeboat station’s page to discover more about it.

Featured rescues

Thumbnail from interview with Tower Crew Member Matt Leat
Saving Lives at Sea: Series 6 Episode 4
Learn more about the dramatic Tower rescue – and the lifesavers behind it – that features in episode 4 of Saving Lives at Sea series 6.
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Tower E class lifeboat Hearn Medicine Chest
Tower: The heart of London
Peterhead tow rescue video
Saving Lives at Sea: Series 6 Episode 3
Video thumbnail with the text: What's it like to be caught in a rip
What’s it like to be caught in a rip?

We can only launch with your support

RNLI lifeboat launches are powered by you, our generous supporters. Without you, our brave lifeboat volunteers couldn’t save lives at sea. You’re behind every life saved and every family reunited. Thank you for making every lifeboat launch possible.

372 Lives saved in 2019

8,941 Lifeboat launches in 2019

143,100 Lives saved in RNLI history - and counting

Latest lifeboat launches