Thank you for choosing to donate in memory of someone you love and miss. However you decide to remember them with the RNLI, you can be sure that together, you and your loved one will save lives at sea for years to come.

How to donate in loving memory and choose the perfect tribute

Only you know why memorial donations to the RNLI are the best way to honour your loved one. The best way to keep those memories of a loved one and special anniversaries alive. A way that would make you both proud.

Perhaps they were a staunch RNLI supporter – admired our lifesavers and shared our values. Or perhaps they simply enjoyed the coast – venturing out on the water, bracing coastal walks, fish and chips or ice creams on the prom, and beach days. 

Take a look below at the different ways you can donate in memory or collect RNLI donations in memory of a loved one. We’re here to help you make a lasting and fitting tribute - to help you remember them in the most meaningful way.

How in memory giving supports the RNLI

As a charity and emergency rescue service, independent from government, we rely on generosity and kindness to power our lifesaving work. 

92% of our total income comes from donations, including donations in memory of loved ones and legacies. The remaining 8% comes from income sources including trading and investments.

Every penny or cent we receive through memorial donations is used wherever the need is greatest. From giving our lifesavers everything they need to go to the rescue and return home safely, to equipping young people with water safety skills - skills that may one day save their life. Together, you and your loved one will make a lifesaving difference, every single day. 

On behalf of all your fellow lifesavers - and the thousands of people they rescue each year - thank you for choosing to save lives at sea in memory of, and together with, your loved one.

Find the perfect way to remember your loved one

Graphic of a Shannon class lifeboat magnifying the number decal on the side of the boat and highlighting 'Your loved one's name here'
Launch a memory
Celebrate the life of someone you miss on the side of the Whitby lifeboat.
Add your loved one's name to a lifeboat
Dunbar RNLI Crew Member Becs Miller wearing all-weather lifeboat kit at sea with fellow crew on a sunny day
Give an in memory donation
Your precious donation will power our lifesaving, making you - and your loved one - lifesavers too.
Donate in memory of a loved one
Portrait of a crew member in yellow kit and red lifejacket looking into the distance, with the sun setting behind the clouds
Light the way home with a monthly gift
Set up a regular donation for our lifesavers to make sure the light never goes out.
Set up a monthly gift
RNLI donation envelopes for collections at funeral and memorial services
Funeral donations
Fish and chip lover, sailing enthusiast, RNLI supporter - only you know why a funeral collection for the RNLI is what they would have wanted.
Create a funeral collection
A young child skims stones with an adult on a sandy beach at sunset
Tribute Funds

An RNLI Forever by the Sea Tribute Fund is the perfect place to share your fond memories of a loved one and, if you wish, celebrate these special moments with family and friends. If you wish to search for an existing tribute please find the search function further down the page.

Create a lasting tribute
Josh Crave  and his friends competing in the Red Bull Soapboax Race for the RNLI, in memory of his grandad.
Events in memory
Tribute Funds can be used alongside your personal JustGiving fundraising page to raise money to remember someone dear to you.
Organise an in memory event