Is this Safe or Unsafe?

Get thinking about the safer and less safe ways to behave near the water.

Lower primary Is this Safe resource thumbnail
  • 20 minutes
  • Optional: display equipment
  • Optional: speakers
  • Stop and think
  • Stay together

This activity uses short video clips to demonstrate to children the right and wrong way to behave around different bodies of water.

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Children will learn about the safe and unsafe decisions that we make all the time when going about our lives.

It uses questions and answers, as well as some fun film clips to get them to consider whether the person in the video is behaving safely or unsafely – and why some behaviours are unsafe.

Watch the videos

  1. A day at the beach 
  2. A walk with Teddy

These short videos demonstrate the right and wrong way to behave when around water. Using ‘point-of-view’ filming, parents and lifeguards engage with the audience to reinforce the message: Always stay close to an adult when near the water.

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