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If you're looking for your nearest lifeboat station, the best beaches nearby or local charity events wherever you are in the UK and Ireland, you've come to the right place. Search our map to find places to visit near you.

This summer, there will not be as many lifeguarded beaches as usual. Please check our listings to find the lifeguarded beach nearest to you. Visit our beach safety pages for more advice.

You can also find your nearest RNLI shop, a local RNLI fundraising group to join and RNLI museums to explore.

Simply enter your town, city or postcode to find places near you. By zooming out on the map, you can see results in the surrounding area too.

We love to see you

These are just some of the ways you can get involved and fuel your passion for all things RNLI. As part of the family, we love to see you - our supporters. Whether that’s at your nearest lifeboat station, your nearest RNLI shop, your nearest lifeguarded beach, your nearest RNLI museum, your local charity events or your local fundraising group. Your support makes you a lifesaver too. 

RNLI events
Whether marathons or coffee mornings, concerts or quiz nights, RNLI events are always happening around the UK and Ireland.
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Lifeboat stations
From Stornoway to Swanage, Dún Laoghaire to Dover, the 238 lifeboat stations around the coasts of the UK and Ireland are home to the lifeboats and their crew.
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Lifeguarded beaches
Patrolling over 200 beaches around the coast of the UK and the Channel Islands, RNLI lifeguards keep the beaches – and those on them – safe.
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RNLI museums
From the Grace Darling Museum to the Historic Lifeboat Collection, RNLI museums celebrate our long and proud lifesaving history, bringing the incredible stories of courage and bravery to life.
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Fundraising groups
Would you like to get involved with the RNLI in your local community? Fundraising groups are a great way to get involved with the local RNLI crew, meet new people and raise money to save lives at sea.
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RNLI shops
Our shop sells all things RNLI – from clothing to gifts, homeware to stationery. Plus, every penny of profit from the shop goes directly towards saving lives at sea.
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