Your generosity powers our lifesaving. We need your support now more than ever.

Every year, thousands of people get into difficulty in the water. RNLI lifeboat crews have to be ready to launch to the rescue 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And in the summer, RNLI lifeguards protect people at hundreds of beaches across the UK and Channel Islands.

Even one life lost to drowning is one too many. Our brave volunteers don't launch into cold, unwelcoming seas to save just a few people. They are determined to save every one.

Give money today and you will be helping RNLI lifeboat crews and lifeguards be ready to rescue. Thank you for your generosity. Without it, we can’t save lives at sea.

RNLI Dungeness Shannon Tractor on the beach

Support the latest appeal

RNLI Launch Appeal – be the crews’ hidden hero

Will you donate today to help fund the launching equipment that powers them to rescue?

Andrew Scott, Oban crew.
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Your donations help bring people home to their families, including our own lifesavers.
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Lifeboat in water
‘A gift in your Will is my protection at sea’
Your legacy could help lifeboat crews save lives at sea.
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St Davids RNLI Crew Members Roger Smith and Dai John in their all-weather kit walking up the slipway as the sun sets in the distance
Donate in memory
A donation to the RNLI is a special way to remember someone who loved the sea. You can even add your loved one's name to the Launch a Memory Whitby lifeboat. 
Remember someone special
St Ives Shannon class lifeboat, Nora Strachura
Give to a special appeal
Thank you for choosing to give to one of our charity appeals. Your generosity helps fund everything we need to save lives at sea, and we need your support now more than ever.
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Every donation helps save lives

A donation to the RNLI makes you a lifesaver. We couldn’t train our lifeboat crews and lifeguards, provide them with lifesaving equipment, or support them operationally without the kindness of supporters like you.

There are so many ways you can give money to RNLI lifesavers. Every donation, no matter the size, will help lifeboat crews and lifeguards answer the call to rescue. Thank you for being a lifesaver.

Your donation will save lives in so many ways. In 2021, for every £1/€1 spent on charitable activities, 56p/56c was on lifeboats, property and equipment; 27p/27c on running the lifeboat service; 12p/12c on lifeguard rescue; 4p/4c on safety, education and awareness; and 1p/1c on international drowning prevention.

8,868 lifeboats launched

12,903 people aided

296 lives saved

35 people helped every day

Other ways you can give money

RNLI Welly filled with coins on the beach
Pay in your fundraising money
Thank you so much for fundraising for the RNLI. We’re so grateful for all the hard work you put into supporting our brave volunteer lifesavers. 
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Group shot of Peel lifeboat volunteers outside the lifeboat station housing their Mersey class lifeboat, Ruby Clery 12-22
Philanthropy & Major Gifts
If you are able to donate £10,000 or more, we would be delighted to work with you to ensure that the process of giving is a rewarding and uplifting experience.
Philanthropy & Major gifts
The Lizard Lifeboat Station’s running costs are supported by a charitable trust
Trusts and foundations
You can help save lives at sea by making a donation to the RNLI through your charitable trust or foundation.
trusts and foundations
The backs of three Skegness RNLI crew members as they look out to sea from the bow of their Shannon class all-weather lifeboat on a bright sunny day
Lifeboat Lottery

Win up to £5,000 in the Winter Lifeboat Lottery draw and help save lives!

lifeboat lottery
St Ives’ Shannon class lifeboat Nora Stachura during trials.
Payroll Giving
Together, we can save lives.
payroll giving
Barrow lifeboat crew onboard their Tamar class lifeboat Grace Dixon
Share giving
Turn your unwanted shares into lifesavings by donating them to the RNLI.
share giving
Sunderland B class lifeboat
Gift Aid
Gift Aid is a scheme from HM Revenue & Customs that allows us to reclaim an extra 25% on your donations made during the past 4 years, as well as on all future donations, without costing you a penny. This means that for every £1 you donate to the RNLI, the charity gets an extra 25p.
gift aid
Crosshaven atlantic boat on water with crew members aboard
Charity Tax Back Scheme
Boost your donation by 45 cents for every euro you donate.
Charity Tax Back Scheme
The Shannon class lifeboat cutting through the waves creating a lot of spray
Other ways to donate to the RNLI
There are many ways you can give to the RNLI. Here you’ll find some useful information and links about different donation methods.
Other ways to donate

Help RNLI crews launch their lifeboats

You can be their hidden hero by helping fund the kit that powers them out to sea. Will you launch them to the rescue with a donation today?