St Ives Shannon class lifeboat on exercise

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Shannon class lifeboat breaking through the waves in rough seas
Watch: RNLI lifesavers brave the roughest seas
When the weather gets rough, our lifesavers keep on going. Watch a compilation of some of the roughest rescues our lifeboat crews have faced.
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Watch the video
RNLI Shannon class lifeboat out on a sea trial
How does the Shannon class self-right?
Senior Naval Architect and Poole Lifeboat Crew Member Ed Davies explains the design elements that allow the Shannon class lifeboat to self-right
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Jean Frost MBE from Rhyl
Unsung heroes: Jean Frost MBE
Jean’s been a part of Rhyl lifeboat since the 1960s, when she discovered her son was skipping church to help out at the station.
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Annie Blaker flotilla
Retired lifeboats starting a second life
If you’d had a lifetime of saving lives, wouldn’t you deserve a happy retirement? Find out what came next for 10 retired lifeboats starting a second life somewhere new.
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