How your support helps

Your support powers our lifesaving service. You're helping to give RNLI volunteers everything they need as they strive to save every one.

A male lifeboat crew member is stood on the beach, wearing crew kit and smiling

RNLI/Nathan Williams

From crew kit to lifeboats, water safety advice to fuel, boatbuilding to operational support, you make our lifesaving possible

As a charity independent of government, your generous support matters more than ever in meeting the costs of saving lives at sea. Our volunteer lifesavers give their time for free, but they need training, well-maintained equipment, lifeboats and shore facilities.

Your kindness saves lives. Every donation will keep our brave volunteers safe on the water and bring them home to their families when the job is done.

St Ives RNLI lifeboat crew throwing rope to fisherman in the water
The difference you make
Thanks to the support of brilliant people like you, our lifeboat crews aided an average of 35 people a day in 2021. Our lifeguards aided 40,762 people.
How you helped
RNLI Welly filled with coins on the beach
Where your money goes
Giving our lifesavers everything they need and deserve - from boots to boats - is costly.
Find out more
Louisa Barrow and Peter Severs with one of their rescuers, Sean Baxter, at Staithes and Runswick Lifeboat Station
Survivor stories
Read stories from people who owe their lives to our rescue service. Their experience could help you stay safe.
Listen to their stories

The crew need your help this Christmas

You can help RNLI volunteer lifesavers as they face cold winter missions. Will you donate today and help bring them home safely?