Frequently asked questions

Thanks for thinking about Launching a Memory. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the RNLI and our lifesaving work.

Can I submit more than one name i.e. John Smith, Joan Dickens?

Each submission is for an individual person but you can do separate multiple name submissions. There is a suggested donation of £30/€30 per submission.

what do i need to submit?

The standard inscription is ‘first name, surname’ but we do accept middle names, as long as it fits in the character limit of 50 (including spaces). Anything which isn’t in this format, for example Mr & Mrs Smith, The Smith family, Doctor, Professor or other additional information such as birthdays or any symbols, will be not able to go into the decal.

what are the details of the lifeboat?

Our special Shannon class lifeboat will be stationed at Invergordon. The lifeboat will be going on service in April 2020.

How big will each name be?

The name of each loved one appearing in the decal will be approximately 3-4mm in height, this may change depending on how many names we receive and the final design of the decal.

How long do I have to submit a name?

Entries will close as soon as we reach the required number of names, or for the reasons explained in the Launch a Memory 2019 Terms and Conditions.

What is a decal?

A decal is a durable transfer sticker in the shape of the letters ‘RNLI’ and the operational identification numbers, which are placed on the hull of each side of the lifeboat. These are usually solid white, but on Invergordon’s new lifeboat, they will contain the names of the loved ones who are being remembered.

What if I don’t sign up for this boat – will there be another opportunity to submit a name?

We are unable to guarantee at this time, that the opportunity to add your loved one’s name to an RNLI lifeboat will happen again.

Do I have to sign up online?

If you do not wish to submit a name online, please contact the RNLI Supporter Care Team on 0300 300 0124 (0044 1202 663234 outside the UK) to submit the details above over the phone. Please see the Launch a Memory 2019 Terms and Conditions for more details before proceeding.

Where does my donation go?

Every donation which is submitted to the RNLI through Launch A Memory, goes into the RNLI’s general funds, to help fund the RNLI’s lifesaving service, across the UK and Ireland.

How long will the names last on the side of the boat?

The decal is expected to remain on the lifeboat for a minimum of 10 years, subject to any wear and tear or other damage. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details.

I haven't received any emails

If you haven’t received any emails, after checking  your junk mail, please let us know by contacting our Giving in Memory team on 0300 300 0124 (0044 1202 663234 outside the UK) or email