An update about the Clifden Lifeboat

The boat building team at our All-Weather Lifeboat Centre continue to make great progress with the build of the Launch a Memory Shannon that’s bound for Clifden Station.

Although progress is good, there is still a lot more to be done before the lifeboat can join the fleet! The engines and electrics need to be tested and added, the hull and wheelhouse need to be joined, the onboard systems need commissioning and testing, and most importantly the decal with the 10,000 loved one’s names needs to be added to the side! When all of these jobs are complete, the final stage is to launch the boat, and put it through its paces over 6 weeks to test that everything is in order, before it joins the fleet in Clifden.

Clifden’s Shannon, which will bear your loved one’s name in the lifeboat's operational number (RNLI 13-43), has now moved into the next stage of being built. At this point, the hull (the watertight body of the boat) and superstructure are moved into two large paint booths where they are prepped, degreased and coated with primers and topcoats, ready to be painted our signature blue and orange! After each paint application, the ovens are turned on and the paint is cured overnight in a temperature-controlled environment to help the paint set. The underwater coatings are also applied during this stage which ensures that the composite hull is sealed from any water ingress and remains waterproof. The underwater coating is a very hard-wearing layer which prevents damage to the bottom of the boat when recovering onto a beach.

Soon after the above stage is completed, the engines, gearboxes, fuel bladders and cable looms are fitted using overhead cranes at our ALC in Poole. These elements are added at this point, as the wheelhouse (a small enclosure where the steering wheel is housed) and are hull are still separate. When all the elements are added, the two halves are prepared for the joining process which takes place in the next build slot.

Footage shot pre COVID-19.
Launch a memory decal example

Photo: RNLI

Find your loved one's name

For the first time, you can find your loved one's name printed in the letters and numbers of Clifden's lifeboat, which will save lives at sea for years to come.

Simply click on the link below, type in your loved one's name and hit search. The image will zoom in allowing you to see their name - as well as which side of the boat it's on. When you’re done, share this page with friends and family!

Please note: in order to find your loved one's name, you must enter it exactly as you submitted it. For example, John Smith, John A Smith, John Andrew Smith or John ‘Smithy’ Smith.

If you need help with finding your loved one's name, or you have any other queries, please email us at

RNLI lifeboat on the water with Launch a Memory decals

The Next Wave of Launch a memory

You can now remember a loved one with the next Launch a Memory Lifeboat, a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone you’ll never forget. The station that has been chosen is in Wells-next-the-Sea, situated in the heart of the North Norfolk coast ready to head out into the North Sea on countless emergency calls. The crew are really excited for the opportunity to launch with the memory of your loved one by their side. 

3 male RNLI crew members stand next to a body of water

Let’s stay in touch

We’d love to keep you updated about your Launch a Memory lifeboat and her lifesaving journey at sea, as well as keep you posted with RNLI news all around the UK and Ireland.

If you’d like to continue to hear from us, sign up to our monthly email RNLI Life – it’s one of the best ways for our family to stay in touch and keep connected.

Collage of images from dedications

Leave a dedication

Hundreds of people have shared heart-warming stories about why they chose to include the name of someone they miss on the lifeboat – as well as celebrate theirs or their loved one’s connection to the RNLI.

To help share your stories, or to pay tribute to your loved one, we’ve created a web page with our partner MuchLoved. It’s a very special community filled with supporters like you, and you can use it to honour the person you miss in the most fitting way for you and your family.

Three people look out to sea from a grassy cliff

Forever By The Sea

Forever by the Sea is an online space to share treasured stories and photos of your loved one with family and friends and, if you’d like, a place to help raise funds for the RNLI in their memory.

You can light virtual candles to commemorate meaningful dates, organise events and share thoughts, photos and even videos of your loved ones. For more information, please visit our page.