Latest progress on your Shannon

Clifden’s Shannon, which will bear your loved one’s name in the lifeboat's operational number (RNLI 13-43), is now in the second stage of being built, and will be in this process until the end of the year. This stage is where all the watertight bulkheads (one element aimed to help the lifeboat to self-right), transverse frames and engine girders (to form part of the hull structure) and fuel tanks are bonded into place using a special resin glue. These joints are then over bonded with glass fibre tape for additional strength.

The lifeboat went into production in January 2020, and would normally take around 14 months to complete at the All-weather Lifeboat Centre in Poole, Dorset. However, due to Coronavirus, the lifeboat's construction schedule has been delayed. Although we cannot confirm exactly when Clifden RNLI will receive their new Shannon class lifeboat, we hope that it will arrive early 2022.

If you have any questions about the lifeboat, Clifden Lifeboat Station or Launch a Memory please contact us by emailing

As you can imagine, our volunteer crew at Clifden have a lot to juggle alongside being on call 24 hours a day for an emergency search and rescue service. The crew have day jobs, families and other commitments – so we’d be really grateful if you could avoid contacting the station directly.

History of Clifden Lifeboat Station

Clifden Lifeboat Station has a proud 31 year history of lifesaving. See below a brief timeline for the station’s history:


The station is founded in March and became a fully operational ‘summer season’ only lifeboat station.


Our first inshore B class lifeboat John Batstone arrives for service on 22 May and was kept afloat until the boathouse was built. The C class, which served on station for 9 years was therefore taken out of service.


One year later, we receive our first inshore D class lifeboat Holme Team IV. The new boathouse was also completed in August.


A Framed Letter of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution, Mr Peter Nicholson is awarded to Helmsman Bernard Whelan for saving the crew of two, a dog and the yacht Cicada. The service was carried out in very strong winds within 40 metres of Fahy Point, on a lee shore.


Helmsman Bernard Whelan is presented with another Framed Letter of Thanks for saving the lives of six people on a freezing Christmas night after their boat capsized. The service was conducted in extremely cold conditions and crucial time was saved as Helmsman Whelan’s expert local knowledge enabled the lifeboat to transit rock strewn channels to reach the scene.


The new B class Joyce King arrives on station.


Our new D class Grainne Ualie joins us, named after the famous seagoing chieftain.


Training begins aboard the Shannon class with relief lifeboat Brianne Aldington. This Shannon will be taken off service at Clifden when the new Shannon Class arrives in 2022.

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Leave a dedication

Hundreds of people have shared heart-warming stories about why they chose to include the name of someone they miss on the lifeboat – as well as celebrate theirs or their loved one’s connection to the RNLI.

To help share your stories, or to pay tribute to your loved one, we’ve created a web page with our partner MuchLoved. It’s a very special community filled with supporters like you, and you can use it to honour the person you miss in the most fitting way for you and your family.

About your Shannon class lifeboat

Watch the video below to see the story behind the Shannon; the first lifeboat to be created entirely by the RNLI. Most people know we are the charity that saves lives at sea. But not many know we also design and build the boats that protect our volunteer crews.

Forever By The Sea

Forever by the Sea is an online space to share treasured stories and photos of your loved one with family and friends and, if you’d like, a place to help raise funds for the RNLI in their memory.

You can light virtual candles to commemorate meaningful dates, organise events and share thoughts, photos and even videos of your loved ones. For more information, please visit our page.