The lighthouse and beach at Anstruther harbour at low tide.

Your Launch a Memory Anstruther updates

Thank you for honouring your loved one by including their name on the Anstruther lifeboat. We encourage you to stay connected and stay informed about the lifeboat's remarkable journey by visiting our updates page.

man taking a picture of the Launch a Memory Anstruther boat decal

Photo: RNLI

Seeing your lifeboat

All tickets for this event have now sold out and we are excited to welcome Launch a Memory Anstruther supporters to Poole. If you were unsuccessful, we are seeing cancellations so please keep an eye out on Eventbrite.

For those who were not able to secure tickets, we are pleased to let you know that we will be filming the event. So, even if you can't make it in person, you won't miss out on the experience entirely.

Lifeboat 13-40 range of high-quality, affordable products resting on a tree branch and orange background. Mementos that show the 13-40 illustration of the boat and number

Your Anstruther retail range

We’ve developed a range of high-quality, affordable mementos that are available to purchase now, so that you can keep your loved one’s memory next to you, as well as on the lifeboat beside the Anstruther crews when they launch to save lives at sea.

The All-Weather Lifeboat Centre in Poole, Dorset

RNLI/Nathan Williams

Latest update

The lifeboat journey has experienced a delay because of the ongoing building of a new, specially designed lifeboat station in Anstruther. This is still underway, resulting in a setback to the boat delivery schedule.

We will be planning on having an event for those that have donated, and their families, in Poole at the All-Weather Lifeboat Centre before the boat heads for Anstruther. The details once confirmed will be shared with our supporters by email and on our website.

Ringing the bell for Anstruther’s new Shannon

The RNLI celebrated the completion of the Shannon class lifeboat. RNLB Robert and Catherine Steen, as she will be known.

Watch a video of the recent bell-ringing ceremony for this special lifeboat at the All-weather Lifeboat Centre in Poole.

Find your loved one's name on the Launch a memory Anstruther's wrap

Find your loved ones name

Using our online tool you can find where your loved one’s name is printed in the numbers of Anstruther's lifeboat, which will save lives at sea for years to come.

Simply click on the link below, type in your loved one’s name and hit search. The image will zoom in allowing you to see their name, as well as which side of the boat it’s on. When you’re done, you can share this page with family and friends!

Please note: Our search function is very sensitive. In order to find your loved one’s name, you must enter is exactly as you submitted it. For example, John Smith, John A Smith, John Andrew Smith, or John ‘Smithy’ Smith.

If you need help finding your loved one’s name, or you have any other queries, please email us at [email protected].

Help us raise £100,000 Anstruther Appeal

Photo: RNLI

Anstruther station appeal

Anstruther is home to one of the UK’s busiest waterways. Your kindness today can give people the best chance of survival by helping to fund a new, purpose-built lifeboat station that will boost lifesaving for generations to come.

Volunteer crews have been rescuing people off the east coast of Fife since 1865. They have launched well over 1,000 times, and saved more than 250 lives. Today they urgently need a new, purpose-built station with modern facilities for casualties, crew and craft.

By helping to fund this new station, you’ll be standing with the crew and making a lifesaving difference.

An image of an RNLI Shannon lifeboat taken from onboard

Climb aboard a Shannon class lifeboat

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the newest lifeboat in the RNLI's fleet? Well now's your chance! On this virtual tour, you can explore the engine room, wander around the wheelhouse and even travel to the upper deck to take the wheel, and guide your crew from the lookout.

PS. You will be redirected to a non-RNLI webpage for the tour.

The Light the Way Home welcome pack, an RNLI keyring as a special keepsake, and a map showing the impact of how your support reunites families and prevents tragedies, laid out flat on a pale wood surface.

Photo: RNLI

Light the way home

With a regular gift in memory of your loved one, you’re making sure that RNLI crews are always there to launch to the rescue and light the way home.

As a thank you, you will receive: 

  • A welcome pack, showing our heartfelt appreciation. 
  • An RNLI keyring, as a keepsake for the special way your loved one’s memory is saving lives. 
  • A foldout map to show the impact of where and how your gift is making a difference
3 male RNLI crew members stand next to a body of water

Leave a dedication

Many people have shared heart-warming stories about why they chose to include the name of someone they miss on the lifeboat – as well as celebrate theirs or their loved one’s connection to the RNLI. 

To help share your stories, or to pay tribute to your loved one, we’ve created a web page with our partner MuchLoved. It’s a very special community filled with supporters like you. You can use it to honour the person you miss in the most fitting way for you and your family.