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The lighthouse and beach at Anstruther harbour at low tide.

Your Launch a Memory Anstruther updates

Thank you for remembering your loved one by adding their name to the Anstruther lifeboat. Welcome to your updates page, where you can keep track of the lifeboat’s progress.

1. Post-event update

We were absolutely thrilled to have the privilege of hosting many of you at the All-weather Lifeboat Centre in Poole, Dorset, to catch a glimpse of the incredible Anstruther lifeboat. The event weekend on 23-24 September was a joyous occasion, and we felt truly honoured to meet so many of you and listen to the heart-warming stories you shared.

If you couldn't make it to the event, don't worry! We made sure to capture all the excitement in a short video. It's a delightful recap of the unforgettable moments we experienced together. Launch a Memory is a very special campaign, with extra-special supporters, and we look forward to your lifeboat arriving in Anstruther next year.

Lifeboat 13-40 range of high-quality, affordable products resting on a tree branch and orange background. Mementos that show the 13-40 illustration of the boat and number

2. Your Anstruther retail range

We’ve developed a range of high-quality, affordable mementos that are available to purchase now, so that you can keep your loved one’s memory next to you, as well as on the lifeboat beside the Anstruther crews when they launch to save lives at sea.

3. Ringing the bell for Anstruther’s new Shannon

On the 4th July the RNLI celebrated the completion of the Shannon class lifeboat. RNLB Robert and Catherine Steen, as she will be known.

Watch a video of the recent bell-ringing ceremony for this special lifeboat at the All-weather Lifeboat Centre in Poole.

Help us raise £100,000 Anstruther Appeal

Photo: RNLI

4. Help fund Anstruther's new station

Anstruther is home to one of the UK’s busiest waterways. Your kindness today can give people the best chance of survival by helping to fund a new, purpose-built lifeboat station that will boost lifesaving for generations to come.

Volunteer crews have been rescuing people off the east coast of Fife since 1865. They have launched well over 1,000 times, and saved more than 250 lives. Today they urgently need a new, purpose-built station with modern facilities for casualties, crew and craft.

By helping to fund this new station, you’ll be standing with the crew and making a lifesaving difference.

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An infographic showing a close up on individual names on the decal of teh Wells lifeboat.
Find your loved one's name

Use our online tool to locate the precise location of your loved one's name on the letters and numbers of Anstruther's lifeboat.

Contact us at [email protected] if you require assistance.

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Create a Tribute fund for your loved one
Forever by the Sea is an online space for you to share treasured stories and photos of your loved one with family and friends. If you want to, you can also use it to help raise funds for the RNLI in their memory.
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Leave a dedication
Many people have shared heart-warming stories about why they chose to include the name of someone they miss on the lifeboat – as well as celebrating their or their loved one’s connection to the RNLI.
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Climb aboard a Shannon lifeboat
On this virtual tour, you can explore the engine room, wander around the wheelhouse and even travel to the upper deck to take the wheel, and guide your crew from the lookout.
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Add a name to Exmouth’s lifeboat

We’ve just launched another special opportunity to add your loved one’s name to a Shannon class lifeboat