The perfect remembrance

Remember a loved one you miss by adding their name to the letters and numbers printed on the side of a new all-weather lifeboat at Anstruther in Fife

There is a suggested donation of £50/€50 per name. The money you donate will fund our lifesaving work around the UK and Ireland. Watch our video to find out more, and read our full terms and conditions.

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    Celebrate the life of your loved one by adding their name to Anstruther's new lifeboat

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Family photos of Andy Lyon, who is remembered on the side of the new Wells lifeboat

The Lyon family

Debbie and Andy's story

Debbie Lyon explains why she chose to honour her husband Andy with Launch a Memory: ‘For us, it keeps Andy’s memory alive and puts a positive focus on a heart-breaking loss. It's as if our loved ones are still out there, still doing their bit to help people. And for our boys, Toby and Finlay, to see their dad's name on a lifeboat - that's really something.'

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the top questions about Launch a Memory. See our full FAQs.

You are welcome to add more than one name to the lifeboat, however due to the say the system is set up you would need to do this in separate transactions. We are unable to accept joint names e.g. ‘The Smiths’, ‘John and Joan Smith’.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they will be next to each other. In general the names will be arranged in the order they were submitted by supporters. However, the names will be arranged in a way that best fits within the shape of the decal.

The boat will be available for the public to see on several occasions. If you have any questions about our station, or your lifeboat, please contact [email protected]. As you can imagine, our volunteer crew at Anstruther have a lot to juggle alongside being on call 24 hours a day - so we’d be really grateful if you could avoid contacting the station directly.

When the boat is being built in our All-weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC) building in Poole, it will be available to see as part of the ALC tours during the later build stage. Please note that the decal with all the names of loved ones sent in to Launch a Memory will not be applied until after this build stage. Please also note visibility of the boat during its construction will be partially obstructed by the bays due to the nature of it being a working factory. To find out more about the tours and for images inside the building please see the All-Weather Lifeboat Centre page. 

The lifeboat is scheduled to arrive at Anstruther Lifeboat Station in 2023, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

When the lifeboat arrives at Anstruther station in 2023, there is the possibility that supporters will be able to visit the lifeboat and the lifeboat station, but this is yet to be confirmed. It is unlikely that you will be able to get close enough to the lifeboat to read the names on the decal and we cannot guarantee that the lifeboat will be visible to view all the time as it may be involved in a rescue, training, maintenance or other activity. However, there will be opportunities to see photographs and videos of the boat through our social media channels, on our Launch a Memory website page and in supporter publications including Lifeboat magazine.

We also hope there will be opportunities to see the lifeboat in Poole (England) before the boat leaves for Anstruther. We will update supporters when we have more definitive timings.

Your loved one’s name will appear alongside thousands of other dearly missed loved ones inside a decal making up the letters and numbers on the lifeboat.

You will only receive a certificate if you provided us with your email address when submitting your loved one's name. We aim to send out all certificates within 8 weeks of the submission. We send these certificates out by email, as a PDF attachment. These often end up in spam/junk folders. If you still have not received your certificate after 8 weeks, please contact us using the details below.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email within 24 hours and have checked your junk/spam please contact us by email [email protected] or phone our Supporter Experience team on 0300 300 0061 (UK) / 01 511 9871 (Ireland) / (+)44 1202 336395 (outside of UK and Ireland). 

Anstruther Lifeboat Station is due to receive their new Shannon in 2023, and this boat was the best available lifeboat that could be used for Launch a Memory. Anstruther is currently having a new station built, which means they can house a newer, more technically advanced lifeboat to continue their lifesaving work, and to help keep the crew safe.

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