Eric's Legend lifeboat 13-40 in the dark, lit by floodlights, with crew members aboard

Your Launch a Memory Lifeboat 13-40 updates

Updates on the new Shannon class Lifeboat 13-40 ‘Eric’s Legend’, the sixth Launch a Memory lifeboat to carry thousands of loved ones’ names. 
Shannon class all-weather lifeboat Eric’s Legend at sea, heading straight towards the camera. White surf surrounds the lifeboat as it powers through the sea. It’s a bright sunny day.

Stephen Duncombe

Relief Lifeboat 13-40 'Eric's Legend'

Eric’s Legend has been on service as an RNLI relief lifeboat since 2021 and has already provided cover at five different lifeboat stations, helping 97 people in need. 

And it’s not just rescues that a relief lifeboat supports. Eric’s Legend has been busy training volunteer crew too. Because of a relief lifeboat’s nomadic existence, moving between stations as needed, helping to train more lifesavers than your average Shannon class all-weather lifeboat (ALB). Eric’s Legend has trained many crews learn and master the skills vital to bringing themselves and others home safely from sea. 

Head and shoulders of volunteer crew member Alice Haw smiling in lifesaving kit

Photo: RNLI/Bryan Jones

Alice's story

"Eric’s Legend has already stepped in here at Swanage on two occasions. I was part of the crew that went to the rescue of five people cut off by the tide one evening in July last year. When we arrived on scene, three of the people had managed to climb to safety on what had become an island, but two people were chest-deep in water that was rapidly rising with the incoming tide, as they tried to reach the mainland. 
I dread to think what may have happened if we – our all-weather lifeboat crew aboard Eric’s Legend, and our inshore lifeboat crew – hadn’t been there.” 

- Alice Haw, Volunteer crew member, Swanage Lifeboat Station

An image of an RNLI Shannon lifeboat taken from onboard

Climb aboard a Shannon class lifeboat

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the newest lifeboat in the RNLI's fleet? Well now's your chance! On this virtual tour, you can explore the engine room, wander around the wheelhouse and even travel to the upper deck to take the wheel, and guide your crew from the lookout.

PS. You will be redirected to a non-RNLI webpage for the tour.

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