Invergordon station is now pleased to be able to welcome visitors again, Please visit Invergordon’s Facebook page for details.

Thank you for remembering your loved one with Launch a Memory. Welcome to your updates page, where you can keep track of the boat’s progress, learn about our Shannon class lifeboat and find out where it will be saving lives.

We are excited to announce that Invergordon Lifeboat Station have received their brand new, all-weather Shannon Class lifeboat with thousands of loved one’s memories on the side of the lifeboat. You can find out more information about the lifeboat’s journey and the impact Covid-19 had on this.

RNLI Invergordon Shannon class lifeboat out on the water

Book your Lifeboat and Station Tour now!

The Invergordon volunteer guides will be showing supporters around the Invergordon Lifeboat Station. Tours last between 30 and 60 minutes and include an overview of the RNLI, Invergordon Lifeboat Station and a visit to the Shannon class lifeboat, Agnes AP Barr.

An update about the Invergordon Lifeboat

It's been 15 months since your special Launch a Memory Shannon-class lifeboat, Agnes AP Barr, arrived at the station in Invergordon. Now that the crew have had a real chance to get to know the lifeboat and its capabilities, we've created this special video for you so that you can get to know the Invergordon crew, station, and what they've all been up to since the lifeboat arrived in Scotland.

Grouped shot of new retail range for Invergordon, 13-37.

Brand new Invergordon Retail range

We’ve developed a range of affordable, but high-quality, keepsake products that are available to purchase now, so that you can keep your loved one’s memory next to you, as well as beside the Invergordon lifeboat crew when they launch to save lives at sea. Browse the entire range of products.

Bow of RNLI lifeboat with Launch a Memory decals

Launch a Memory keepsakes

You can now purchase a lifesaving keepsake to commemorate the special person you’ve remembered on the Invergordon Shannon class lifeboat. From mugs to cushions through to photo frames, these keepsakes are a great way to keep the memory of the person you miss close to home. 

Design-wise, you can choose the individual letter or number that your loved one’s name is in, the full lifeboat decal, or a picture of the Invergordon lifeboat itself. Browse the collection of Launch a Memory keepsakes here.

30% of the profit of sales will go into the RNLI general funds. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will see your loved one’s name in every image or product as the writing may be too small. But their name will be in there, along with the names of others who are fondly remembered every day – and whose memory launches to the rescue every time Invergordon lifeboat crew are needed at sea.

Screenshot of the searchable decal with boat and names

Find your loved one’s name

For the first time, you can find your loved one's name printed in the letters and numbers of Invergordon's lifeboat, which will save lives at sea for years to come.

Simply click on the link below, type in your loved one's name and hit search. The image will zoom in allowing you to see their name - as well as which side of the boat it's on. When you’re done, share this page with friends and family!

Please note: in order to find your loved one's name, you must enter it exactly as you submitted it. For example, John Smith, John A Smith, John Andrew Smith or John ‘Smithy’ Smith.

If you need help with finding your loved one's name, or you have any other queries, please email us at [email protected].

Portrait of a crew member in yellow kit and red lifejacket looking into the distance, with the sun setting behind the clouds

RNLI/Nigel Millard

Light the way home with a monthly gift

With your help, lifeboat volunteers are ready to rescue. On average, there are 24 lifeboat launches each day. With a regular gift, you can ensure that the RNLI is there to light the way home for those who find themselves in trouble on the water. If you’ve lost someone close to you, giving regularly is a wonderful way to honour their memory and you’ll be helping to keep the crew safe for years to come.

Three people look out to sea from a grassy cliff

Forever by the Sea

Forever by the Sea is an online space to share treasured stories and photos of your loved one with family and friends and, if you’d like, a place to help raise funds for the RNLI in their memory.

You can light virtual candles to commemorate meaningful dates, organise events and share thoughts, photos and even videos of your loved ones. For more information, please visit our page.

Boat on the sea in sunset

Leave a dedication

Lots of people have shared heart-warming stories about why they chose to include the name of someone they miss on the lifeboat – as well as celebrate theirs or their loves one’s connection to the RNLI.

To help share your stories, or to pay tribute to your loved one, we’ve created a web page with our partner MuchLoved. It’s a very special community filled with supporters like you, and you can use it to honour the person you miss in the most fitting way for you and your family.

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