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The Commonwealth Mint

The Commonwealth Mint are producing commemorative RNLI coins to raise money and awareness.

The 2021 commemorative RNLI gold coin produced by The Commonwealth Mint and Philatelic Bureau Ltd

Photo: The Commonwealth Mint and RNLI

The gold coin featuring the Alderney Trent Class All Weather Lifeboat, Roy Barker I.

Based in the UK, The Commonwealth Mint & Philatelic Bureau Ltd is one of the world’s largest private mints, specialising in the production of legal tender commemorative coins for collectors around the world.

In 2021, in collaboration with the RNLI and States of Alderney issuing authority, a range of base metal, silver and gold coins were released to help raise funds for and awareness of the RNLI.

The coin’s design features a superb depiction of the Alderney Trent class all-weather lifeboat Roy Barker I powering through stormy seas on a lifesaving mission.

The coins is available exclusively through Jubilee Mint and Harrington and Byrne, and a percentage of each coin sold will be donated to the RNLI.