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GJW Direct

GJW Direct is the UK’s leading marine insurance provider and has specialised in insuring vessels since 1826, when it traded as Groves, John and Westrup.

The RNLI’s partnership with GJW Direct will allow the RNLI to reach their audience of boat users and deliver water safety advice, specifically around the importance of wearing a lifejacket and making sure it’s in working order.

The RNLI has over 400 active water safety volunteers who are specifically trained to provide safety advice on a wide range of topics. They run free Lifejacket Clinics at sailing clubs, youth groups and events around the country to show how to maintain a lifejacket and keep it fully functioning. They also show people how to check their own lifejacket for wear and tear and do simple maintenance tasks, like replacing gas bottles and firing heads.  Lifejackets are an essential piece of kit when it comes to safety on the water., these clinics are a key part of water safety and education work, The relationship will see GJW Direct promoting the RNLI Lifejacket Clinics to its members, with GJW Direct also being present at some of the larger Lifejacket Clinics around the country.

Brian Robson, Community Safety Manager for the RNLI said, ‘This is a really important relationship for the RNLI and is the first time we have had an association of this type specific to one of our direct community safety initiatives. With over a third of lifejackets tested at our recent lifejacket clinics not suitable for use in an emergency, this new association with GJW Direct will help us to raise awareness amongst the boating community about our Lifejacket Clinics and the importance of regularly checking your lifejacket to ensure it will help you in an emergency.’

To find out more, please visit the GJW Direct website.