Free Wills Month

Have your Will written or updated for free as part of Free Wills Month, and consider leaving a lifesaving legacy to the RNLI.

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If you or your partner are aged 55 or over, you can take advantage of the RNLI’s offer to have your Will written or amended for free. This offer is available in various locations in England. If there is not a solicitor available in your area, we can still help. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.

Taking part is easy. Just call a participating solicitor to make an appointment. We work exclusively with schemes that only use solicitors who are professionally qualified and regulated.

To find your nearest solicitor, please call the Gifts in Wills Team on 0300 300 0124 or email

There is no obligation to leave a gift to the RNLI in your Will, but we really hope you will consider doing so. Please note, the offer applies to simple Wills only. If your Will proves more complex, then you may be asked to pay the difference in cost.

Lifesaving legacy

Gifts in Wills provide the equipment, training and operational support our volunteer crews need to navigate through ferocious seas, rescue someone whose life is in danger, and return them safely home. Whether large or small, we are incredibly grateful for all gifts left to us in Wills. Without legacies, the RNLI could not function. They are crucial to our future.

Our courageous and dedicated volunteers, staff, and supporters are the backbone of the RNLI. Gifts in Wills help to power their lifesaving work. Watch the video above to see just how important legacies are to saving lives at sea.

Why should I write or update my Will?

Providing an up-to-date Will is the most effective way to ensure the things you are about are looked after when you are gone.

It alleviates the pressure, at what can be a very difficult time, for those left behind. Additionally, should you decide to leave a gift to charity, it can, in certain cases, also reduce the burden of inheritance tax for the people you care about.

After taking care of your loved ones, please think about leaving a gift to the RNLI and help our volunteer crews save lives at sea in the future. Big or small, we are grateful for all gifts left to us in supporters’ Wills.

It’s easy to make or amend a Will using this Free Will scheme. If you have any questions or need guidance, we’re here to help.

How can I take part?

To take part in Free Wills Month, simply call a participating solicitor during March. Your appointment with the solicitor can take place at any time, but you do have to make the call in March to take advantage of the scheme.

It’s quick and easy to write a simple or mirror Will, and for the month of March, it’s free too.

To find your nearest participating solicitors, or if you have any queries about legacy giving in general, please contact:

The Gifts in Wills Team

Tel: 0300 300 0124


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