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Why partner with us

Becoming a lifesaver is just one of many benefits of a partnership with the RNLI. 

Buckie RNLI’s Severn class all-weather lifeboat on a calm sea with five crew members on deck, some looking toward the camera

Photo: Craig Meheut

When you partner with the RNLI, you become a lifesaver too

A partnership with the RNLI can help you:

Drive sales and customer loyalty

A commercial partnership with us will help to drive brand awareness and increase sales and customer loyalty. We can work on sponsorship opportunities, licensed products and cause-related marketing campaigns tailored to suit your objectives to help engage your audience and help drive sales.

Marine insurers GJW Direct work with the RNLI to provide their customers with improved water safety advice. Through our partnership, they aim to give something back by keeping their valued customers safe.

Premium snack brand Burts Snacks is working in partnership with the RNLI to share vital water safety advice with their customers and raise awareness of our lifesaving work.

Bude’s D class lifeboat on its trailer outside the boathouse with two lifeboat volunteers sitting inside, one standing next to it on the left, an RNLI lifeguard standing to its right, and Lucy Ashton from the RNLI and Dave McNulty from Burts Snacks standing in front of it. All smiling and holding packs of RNLI-branded Burts Snacks hand-cooked crisps.

Photo: Burts Snacks

Celebrating the launch of our partnership with Burts Snacks: Bude lifesavers join Dave McNulty, Managing Director of Burts Snacks, and Lucy Ashton, Regional Engagement Lead at the RNLI.

Reach new audiences through brand marketing and strategic alignment

The RNLI is one of the UK’s largest and most trusted charities (top 5 in the YouGov UK CharityIndex). By working with us you can benefit from strong PR opportunities, brand marketing campaigns and a strategic alignment with a much-loved and unique institution.

Helly Hansen integrate the RNLI into their global marketing campaigns, strengthening their brand message of ‘trusted by professionals’.

Helly Hansen event with RNLI

Photo: RNLI

Increase employee engagement through fundraising

Whether you nominate the RNLI as your Charity of the Year, Chosen Charity Partner or just want to fundraise to save lives at sea, we have a range of established fundraising campaigns and events for you to get involved in.

The RNLI’s Stormy Stan and Haven’s Rory the Tiger standing with two lifeboat volunteers, two members of RNLI staff and a Haven guest with her dog on the beach with the sea in the background

Photo: Haven and RNLI

The RNLI was Haven’s Chosen Charity Partner from 2018 to 2024

Support our annual Mayday fundraiser or host an RNLI Fish Supper, all while raising vital funds to support our brave volunteer lifesavers. However you want to support us, we can provide you with expert support to develop ideas and deliver a fun and engaging calendar of activities for your staff and/or customers.

Haven worked with the RNLI to provide fun opportunities for staff to get involved in supporting a good cause, both in their support centre and on their parks.

Keep your staff and customers safe

Work with us to keep your staff and customers safe through sharing targeted water safety messaging. Raise vital funds in support of our lifesaving work, and help us to influence those most at risk.

The RNLI’s vision is to save every one, and this will only be possible by working in partnership with like-minded organisations to help improve safety on or near the water and reach more people with our safety advice.

The value in terms of reinforcement of your brand and company values is enormous. We would be delighted to discuss creating a bespoke partnership with you which meets joint, strategic goals.

Ford keeps their staff and customers safe by working with the RNLI on innovative marketing campaigns to spread water safety messages.

Our partnership with Haven allowed us to reach over 10,000 children with vital water safety messaging through a bespoke activity delivered by Haven park rangers.

We’re helping GJW Direct promote the wearing and maintenance of lifejackets to their clients by sharing details of RNLI lifejacket clinics.

Make it simple for your staff to support a charity

Payroll Giving is an easy, flexible way for your employees to give a regular donation to the RNLI from their gross salary. It's also a smart and tax-efficient way for UK taxpayers to give, as the donation is made before tax is deducted.

For example, a £10 gift will cost a standard taxpayer only £8, or a higher-rate taxpayer just £6.

If you are thinking of introducing Payroll Giving for your organisation, then please see our Payroll Giving page to find out more.

Want to partner with us?

To find out more on how we can work together to create an exciting partnership that saves lives, please contact us at [email protected] or call our friendly Supporter Experience Team on 0300 300 9990 (from the UK) or 01 511 9836 (from Ireland).