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Payroll Giving

Together, we can save lives.

Payroll Giving is an easy, flexible way for you to give a regular donation to the RNLI from your gross salary.

It's also a smart and tax-efficient way for UK taxpayers to give, as the donation is made before tax is deducted.

A £10 gift will cost a standard taxpayer only £8, or a higher-rate taxpayer just £6. 

Payroll Giving is a tax-efficient way to support the RNLI and help save lives at sea.

Because your donation is taken from your pre-tax salary, part of your donation comes from money that would otherwise go to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

How much is my donation worth?

For standard-rate taxpayers, if you donate £10 to the RNLI it will only cost you £8. 

And if you're a higher-rate taxpayer, Payroll Giving is the most tax-efficient way to give - a £10 donation will cost you just £6.

The amount you give is up to you - for example, a £5 donation will cost a standard-rate taxpayer £4, or a higher-rate taxpayer £3.

How do I sign up?

Ask your employer for details on how to sign up. If your employer doesn't currently run a Payroll Giving scheme, they can find out how to set one up at

Why set up a Payroll Giving scheme?

Setting up Payroll Giving is an excellent way for your company to demonstrate commitment to the causes that your employees care about, increasing staff engagement, aiding staff retention and boosting morale.

Match it!

You can also match your employees’ donations, which shows support for your employees’ favourite charities. Matched donations do not incur administration fees and they can be charged against company profits as a charitable donation.

Payroll Giving Quality Mark awards

The UK government funds the Payroll Giving Quality Mark scheme, which recognises and rewards organisations for encouraging staff to donate through Payroll Giving.

How do we set up Payroll Giving?

To set up the scheme you will need to contact a Payroll Giving agency. A list of approved agencies can be found at

For advice on setting up Payroll Giving, please complete our online enquiry form or call us on 0300 300 9990 Monday-Friday between 8am and 6pm. 

Can anyone donate to charity through Payroll Giving?

You can donate through Payroll Giving:

  • if you are paid by an employer
  • if you have PAYE deducted from your pay, and
  • if your employer has set up a Payroll Giving scheme.

Your payroll department will be able to tell you if your employer has signed up. If they have not, you could always send them a link to this page.

Can I give to more than one charity?

One of the benefits of Payroll Giving is that you can support more than one charity but with only one deduction from your pay. Search the Charity Commission website for a list of charities.

What is the minimum donation I can give?

There is no minimum or maximum limit.

Can I change my donation?

Yes, you can change or cancel your donation at any time, simply speak to your payroll department.

What happens if my circumstances change?

You can stop or change your donation at any time by informing your payroll department. If you're stopping your donation, it would be great if you could let us know too. 

If you change employer, you will need to check whether your new employer runs a Payroll Giving scheme.

When will my donation reach my chosen charity?

In the first month, your donation will be deducted by your employer and will show on your payslip (provided your payroll department processes your request promptly).

In the second month, your employer will pass your donation on to an HMRC-approved Payroll Giving agency.

In the third month, and every month thereafter, your donation will be transferred to your chosen charity.

How can I check my employer operates the scheme?

Speak to your payroll department. Why not ask if they will match your donations too? See the Payroll Giving for employers tab for more information.

Who can I contact for more advice?

Contact us - we're here to help. Fill in our online enquiry form or call us on 0300 300 9990 Monday-Friday between 8am and 6pm.