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Thank you for choosing to give to one of our charity appeals. Your generosity helps fund everything we need to save lives at sea, and we need your support now more than ever.

Help our volunteers to save every one they can

Being an RNLI volunteer is unpredictable – our lifesavers never know who will need rescuing next. What we do know is that even one life lost is too many. Our crews don’t launch into unforgiving seas to save most people. They’re out to save every one.  

When crew members are racing from one rescue to another, they rely on their lifesaving kit and world-class training – the things that generous people like you help provide. When you give to one of our appeals, your donation could help to buy the seconds that save a life.

Atlantic class lifeboat with four crew onboard skimming along the waves from right to left
It takes 5 steps to save a life
And the crucial first step is in your hands. Donate to our Summer Appeal and help our volunteers save every one they can.
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A lifeboat crew at sea, with spray and dark clouds
Mayday! Help our lifesavers get there in time
When you donate to our Mayday Appeal you could help buy vital seconds.
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Emma Lockett standing in full lifeboat kit on the slipway at St Davids, determined to save every one
First Shout Appeal
Your kind donation can help to train and equip new crew
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RNLI Appeal – Help them to answer the next call
Volunteer lifeboat crews stand ready to answer the call, day or night, rain or shine.
Help them to answer the next call
A black and white photograph of Whitby Lifeboat Station and their historic lifeboat
The Whitby Heritage Crew
Proud of Whitby's lifesaving past? Join our special heritage crew and support your local RNLI volunteers.
Join the Whitby Heritage Crew
Lifeboat crew member looking out on the Thames with the Tower Bridge in the background
Help build a lifesaving landmark
Will you help build a new lifeboat station in the heart of London?
Support tower appeal
Anstruther lifeboat station with full crew outside
You can help save lives at Anstruther
Will you help busy Anstruther volunteers build a station for their new lifeboat?
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View of Minehead’s B and D class inshore lifeboats from within the boathouse with the boathouse doors open and lifeboat volunteers standing in the background
You can save lives in Minehead
Minehead RNLI volunteers need your help in raising £250,000 for a vital lifeboat station upgrade. Will you stand with the crew and help save lives on the north coast of Somerset and Devon?
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This summer, volunteers urgently need your help

It takes five steps to save a life. And none of them could happen without the first step – your kind donation. Help our lifesavers get one step closer to saving every one.