St Ives Shannon class lifeboat, Nora Strachura

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Thank you for choosing to give to one of our charity appeals. Your generosity helps fund everything we need to save lives at sea, and we need your support now more than ever.

Help our volunteers to save every one they can

Being an RNLI volunteer is unpredictable – our lifesavers never know who will need rescuing next. What we do know is that even one life lost is too many. Our crews don’t launch into unforgiving seas to save most people. They’re out to save every one.  

When our crews are racing from rescue to rescue, they rely on the training, kit and lifesaving equipment that gets them there quickly and safely – the things that generous people like you help provide. When you give to one of our appeals your donation could help buy the seconds that save a life.

Celebrate the life of someone you miss

An all-weather lifeboat crew could be launching with your loved one's memory right by their side – find out how to add the name of someone you miss to our next Launch a Memory lifeboat.

Volunteer Crew Member Luke Picknett is standing on a beach, wearing full lifeboat crew kit. He is holding a framed black and white photograph of his great-great-great grandfather, Coxswain Thomas Picknett.
RNLI Christmas Appeal – be our lifesaving legend
Generations before us never turned back. With you beside us this winter, neither will we. Will you donate today?
Support our Christmas Appeal
RNLI crew in a rib on the sea with a busy beach in the background
When the days are longer, they give extra
Will you help power your lifesaving volunteers through this relentless summer with a kind donation?
Stonehaven Lifeboat Station’s B class lifeboat being pulled out of the shallow water, and onto the shore, by the launch and recovery tractor.
Stonehaven Appeal
Help your brave volunteers raise the £50,000 they need to go towards the cost of a new lifeboat station.
Support Stonehaven appeal
Relief Shannon class all-weather lifeboat Eric Legend 13-40 being launched on exercise at Dungeness Beach by the Shannon launch and recovery system (SLARS). Clear blue skies and spray from the surf as the lifeboat enters the water. Shingle beach.
New Quay Appeal
Help your brave volunteers raise the £105,600 they need to continue saving lives as they prepare to welcome their new Shannon.
Support New Quay Appeal
Six Dart lifeboat volunteers stood outside of the boathouse around the D class lifeboat, all wearing full crew kit
Dart RNLI needs your support
Help get brave volunteers closer to the £1.2M they urgently need for a new lifesaving home so they can continue saving lives
Support Dart appeal
Crew member onboard the lifeboat in rough sea.
RNLI Appeal – Help them to answer the next call
Volunteer lifeboat crews stand ready to answer the call, day or night, rain or shine.
Help them to answer the next call
Anstruther lifeboat station with full crew outside
You can help save lives at Anstruther
Will you help busy Anstruther volunteers build a station for their new lifeboat?
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Help RNLI crews brave the wild winter seas

You can be a lifesaving legend this Christmas. Will you help lifeboat volunteers save every one they can with a kind donation today?