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Thank you for choosing to give to one of our charity appeals. Your generosity helps fund everything we need to save lives at sea, and we need your support now more than ever.

You can help save lives this spring

To keep the lifeboat service running, we need a steady stream of volunteers. And new recruits need the best kit, training and support.

Our lifesavers never forget the first time they’re asked to launch. It’s not unusual for some to be apprehensive. But it’s that kit and training that keeps them ready for anything.

In a rescue situation, every second counts. Your kind gift, no matter the size, will help our brave volunteers to bring others home safely. Donate to our fundraising appeal today.

Male crew member standing on a beach in front of the waves in full kit
'You always remember the one you couldn’t reach’
Your donation today can give brave and skilled crews the best possible chance to save every one
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Show your support to RNLI lifeboat crews on the Thames
Boat Race appeal
We need your help to provide our London lifeboat crews with the training to save lives on the Thames.
Support the Boat Race Appeal
Fin Goggin - Volunteer Helm, Sheerness Lifeboat Station, standing ready to launch
Help our lifesavers handle the pressure
Your gift could be the backup our volunteers need.
Be the backup
RNLI Appeal – Help them to answer the next call
Volunteer lifeboat crews stand ready to answer the call, day or night, rain or shine.
Help them to answer the next call
Lough Ree crew on a shout by the bridge
You can save lives on Lough Ree
Will you stand with the crew and help fund a new lifeboat station?
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Lifeboat crew member looking out on the Thames with the Tower Bridge in the background
Help build a lifesaving landmark
Will you help build a new lifeboat station in the heart of London?
Support tower appeal
Looe's Dclass lifeboat out to sea with the crew
Will you be behind Looe’s new lifeboat?
Volunteers in Looe need a new lifeboat, which will save lives and reunite families in south Cornwall for years to come.
Will you be behind Looe's new lifeboat?
Anstruther lifeboat station with full crew outside
You can help save lives at Anstruther
Will you help busy Anstruther volunteers build a station for their new lifeboat?
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View of Minehead’s B and D class inshore lifeboats from within the boathouse with the boathouse doors open and lifeboat volunteers standing in the background
You can save lives in Minehead
Minehead RNLI volunteers need your help in raising £250,000 for a vital lifeboat station upgrade. Will you stand with the crew and help save lives on the north coast of Somerset and Devon?
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Will you help our lifesavers save every one they can?

Not every rescue ends happily. But RNLI lifesavers will never stop trying to save every one who needs their help. Your donation will ensure they can be there for the next person. And the next.