RNLI Memorial

Designed to be a beacon of hope, the RNLI Memorial honours the courage of all those lost at sea while endeavouring to save the lives of others.

RNLI memorial sculpture in Poole, Dorset.
RNLI Memorial sculpture in Poole, Dorset

Many brave and selfless lifeboat crew and search and rescue servicepeople are remembered proudly in their local communities. However, the RNLI Memorial sculpture in Poole, Dorset, UK, is the only place where each and every one of them is named together.

The memorial was unveiled in 2009 and serves as a source of inspiration for current and future generations of lifeboat crew, lifeguards, supporters and fundraisers. It reminds us that there are still people who volunteer to carry out selfless acts of heroism to help others; and we will always remember their sacrifice.

In most cases, the names listed on the memorial saved the lives of others before losing their own. See the full list of names.

You can add your tribute to the people named on the memorial, and to all the RNLI’s lifesavers, past, present and future.

‘With courage, nothing is impossible’ 

Sam Holland’s sculpture, depicting a person in a boat saving another from the water, symbolises the history and future of the RNLI in its most basic and humanitarian form. Sam intended her design to be bold and simple, incorporating the elements of courage, loss and remembrance. 

Above the list of names of those who sacrificed their own lives to save others, the sculpture bears the motto of Sir William Hillary: 'With courage, nothing is impossible.' It’s a beacon of hope, honouring those who continue to save lives at sea, as well as those lost in the act of lifesaving.

Our thanks

We wish to thank the following for their kind contributions:

  • Speirs and Major Associates (Lighting Architects)
  • Stewarts Garden Design and Landscaping
  • Borough of Poole.

As well as the consultants and contractors involved in making this sculpture:

  • Ellis Belk Associates
  • Construction Limited
  • Lighting Technology Projects LTD (PAI)
  • Taylor Fuel Control (King Group
  • LAMEEKAM®Graphics by Studio Lameek.