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Forgotten photos of the RNLI

Forgotten photos brings thousands of historic photographs back to life.

Black and white image of RNLI display in Charing Cross Underground Station

Photo: The Topical Press Agency

RNLI exhibition in Charing Cross Underground Station, 19 May 1933

It took a team of Heritage volunteers 12 months to help us catalogue, digitise and preserve a collection of 12,000 RNLI photographs.

The collection spans the 20th century and covers all RNLI activities during this time. It includes photographs of gallantry awards, the Royal Family, fundraising, RNLI buildings and offices, lifeboat naming ceremonies and launches, and anniversaries and commemorations.

The photographs had previously been stored in unsuitable conditions within a roof space. So a key part of the project was their removal for cataloguing and long-term preservation using archive-standard storage techniques.

Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders and obtain permission to reproduce this material. Please get in touch with the RNLI heritage team with any enquiries or information relating to these images or the rights holders.

Photo galleries

Black and white image of workshop interior with inflatable lifeboats being manufactured
Lifeboat design and innovation
Go behind the scenes of lifeboat construction and innovation
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Colour image of the front of Poole Headquarters building
Buildings and bases of the RNLI
Step inside RNLI buildings from the 1900s to now
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Black and white image of crew member and street collector
RNLI fundraising photos
Explore a century of RNLI fundraising, from Lifeboat Saturdays to television appeals
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Black and white image of five inshore lifeboats
Naming and launching lifeboats
See lifeboats being named and launched across the years
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Black and white image of crew including flagbearer outside St Paul's Cathedral
RNLI events photos
Discover RNLI exhibitions, events and activities from across the twentieth century
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Black and white image of crew meeting HRH Prince George, Duke of Kent
Lifeboat crew photos
Celebrate generations of RNLI lifesavers including Gallantry medallists of the past
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