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Your RNLI: 200 years and counting

Join us for 2024 – see how far we’ve come together and where we’re heading.

In 2024, let’s get together to mark the RNLI’s special 200th year of lifesaving. 200 years is an amazing milestone for the RNLI, but everything we have achieved in that time has only been possible thanks to ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Since the RNLI was formed in 1824, people like you have formed crews and funded the kit and lifeboats to save lives at sea. RNLI lifesavers are counting on you to join us in our 200th year and we are proud to have you beside us. Let’s see what we’ve achieved together and what the future holds.

People celebrating the Lifeboat Day Centenary at Trafalgar Square in London on 20 May 1924

Photo: Alpha Press

Commemorating our past

Just look how far we’ve come together. Once, our volunteers launched wooden lifeboats with oars and sails and now we’re saving lives on motor-powered all-weather lifeboats with state-of-the-art technology and communications. In every single one of those lifeboats, the crew have been the same: unwilling to stand by and do nothing when people are in trouble. And the generosity of our supporters hasn’t changed either. It’s a powerful combination of kindness and courage – together we’ve saved more than 144,000 lives.

Crew stand on the beach in crew kit holding their helmets

Celebrating your RNLI

At first, the charity was supported by a handful of benefactors, but it has only survived thanks to the unwavering support from the public. However you may choose to support us, you’re a lifesaver, proudly standing beside us. You’re alongside the crew at our 238 lifeboat stations, the lifeguards watching over 242 beaches and the thousands of hardworking fundraisers.

To mark our 200th birthday, listen to our 200 Voices podcast series and hear real stories of kindness, courage and pride from supporters, volunteers, and those we've rescued.

Inspired? Get involved!

You can help in our mission to save every one. RNLI crews will continue to face challenges – like unpredictable seas and rough weather. Today’s new technology and partnerships are offering new hope. And with your kindness and courage, we can reach more people in more places with our rescue and safety work. We’re a powerful crew with you by our side.

How will you get involved in our 200th year? There are so many ways to be part of the special anniversary year. There are plenty to choose from with events on your doorstep and a programme of events across the UK and Ireland.

Shop, sing or sail with our exciting 200th anniversary events and activities – or find out more about our partnerships.

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Hand in Hand for 2024: RNLI Partners

RNLI Lifeboat Saturday first street collection in Manchester in 1891 with crew and fundraisers infront of their lifeboat, and a recreation more than 100 years later

Choose how you'll be part of history

Oil painting of the 1914 Rohilla Rescue off Whitby

Photo: RNLI/Tim Thompson

With special thanks to the RNLI 200 Club

At the heart of everything we do in 2024 to mark 200 years of lifesaving are the members of the RNLI 200 Club. Their donations will fund the 200th Anniversary activities and help inspire the next generation of RNLI supporters and volunteers.

If you have any questions about the 200 club, please email the Philanthropy team.