Our Trustees

Our trustees are a body of volunteers who carry the full financial and legal responsibility for everything the RNLI does. 

They must ensure that everything done by the RNLI is genuinely and solely in pursuit of its objects: firstly, to save lives, promote safety and provide relief from disaster at sea, and, secondly, to save lives, promote safety and provide relief from disaster on inland waters.

RNLI Trustees bring a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience to the organisation and approve our Strategic and Business Plans, Annual Budget and Annual Report and Accounts. 

Trustees are appointed from within and by the RNLI Council at the Annual Meeting of the Council each July. However other people with the right skills and experience may also be considered.

The RNLI Council provides a wealth of experience and expertise to support the running of the charity. Council members advise and assist our decision-making body, the RNLI Trustee Board, and act as important ambassadors for our lifesaving cause.  

For more information, see the RNLI governance and management structure (PDF 34KB).

Meet our current trustees:

Stuart Popham, Chairman
Stuart Popham
‘As a lifelong sailor with family who recognise the real value of the RNLI, I felt I could do my bit to help.’
Our chairman
Eddie Donaldson, Deputy Chairman and Treasurer
Eddie Donaldson
‘I have always admired those in the RNLI who risk their lives for others, so I jumped at the chance to come onboard myself.’
Deputy Chair and Treasurer
RNLI Trustee Janet Cooper
Janet Cooper
‘The RNLI gives an invaluable service and I am inspired by the many volunteers who work so hard to provide it.’
Deputy chair
Portrait of RNLI trustee Fiona Fell
Fiona Fell
‘A shared wish to save lives and to prevent drowning is deeply motivating and draws us together.’
Our Trustees
Dr Philip Goodwin, RNLI Trustee
Dr Philip Goodwin
‘The poorest countries globally account for 90% of drowning deaths. I’m delighted to be working with the RNLI to help bring about change.’
Our Trustees
Sir Peter Housden, RNLI Trustee
Sir Peter Housden
‘I want to help the RNLI be the very best organisation it can be, supporting coastal work both here and overseas.’
Our Trustees
Portait photograph of Joh Killeen
Dr John Killeen
‘It is an honour to be a volunteer in an organisation that has saved so many lives for almost 200 years, and my hope is that I can contribute to the RNLI in their continuing delivery of this invaluable service to society in the seas and lakes that abound around and in our isles.’
Our trustees
Rear Admiral Roger Lockwood CB, RNLI Trustee
Rear Admiral Roger Lockwood CB
‘With two maritime careers behind me, the RNLI has always been part of my professional life.  I am now delighted that I should be part of the RNLI itself and to be able to contribute actively to the saving of lives at sea.’
Our Trustees
Portrait of RNLI trustee Paddy McLaughlin
Paddy McLaughlin
‘Coming from a beautiful coastal community, the RNLI has been part of my life for many years. It’s a privilege to support and honour the lifesaving work of the Institution.’
Our Trustees
Sonia Modray, RNLI Trustee
Sonia Modray
‘From my first day at the RNLI I was impressed by the selfless dedication and professionalism of all involved with this inspiring organisation.’
Our Trustees
RNLI Trustee Mike Sturrock
Mike Sturrock
‘I’ve had a passion for the sea all my life and it’s a huge privilege to be part of the RNLI and work in the most extraordinary culture and with such motivated people.’
our trustees
RNLI Trustee Chris Walters
Chris Walters
'Inspired by the courage of volunteer crews, I am a delighted to play a role in advancing the safety and performance of the RNLI fleet.' 
Our Trustees
Headshot of Denis Woulfe against blue background
Denis Woulfe

'The courage and dedication of RNLI staff and volunteers is truly inspiring. It is an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to support them'

Our Trustees