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With our fun games and activities, your young people can explore the RNLI and water safety.


  • Decisions decisions

    Download ZIP 418KB

    Ages: 3-11
    Subject: PHSE, Citizenship, Lifeskills

    Description: A visit to the beach can be good fun but sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Decide what to do when something does go wrong at the beach and then see what happens after you make your choice.

    Decisions Decisions!
  • Risky business

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    Ages: 3-11
    Subject: PHSE, Citizenship, Lifeskills

    Description: This free safety game helps you to understand and be aware of the four SAFE rules at the beach. Each letter of SAFE stands for something, but do you know what?

    Risky Business
  • A cartoon tall ship sailing on rough seas in the RNLI Grace Darling Story

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    Ages: 3-11, 11-18
    Subject: History, Literacy, Citizenship, English

    Description: Watch how Grace came to the rescue of the sailors of the shipwreck.

    Grace Darling Story
  • Download ZIP 418KB

    Description: Click and drag the different materials in the workshop onto the different areas of the boat. Try to choose the material you think is best suited to each area.

    Build a lifeboat