Bring the world of lifeboats and rescue into your classroom with our range of educational films.  

Watch our crews spring to action in real-life rescues, learn about staying safe near the water and find out about volunteering for us. 
Female lifeguard on a rescue board at Southsea beach, paddling out to give advice to a man on an inflatable dinghy.
Safe near the water
Explore water safety through real-life rescues, interviews with rescuees and advice from our volunteer crew.
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 Mark Criddle controls the scene as HM Coastguard helicopter Rescue
Find out what it takes to be a crew member, watch them in action and see the teamwork involved in sea rescues.
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Close up shot of Tower volunteer Paul Savage.
Volunteering for the RNLI
Hear real-life stories from RNLI crew members and lifeguards to learn about their lifesaving work.
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