Lifeboat launch alerts

Would you like to know when your local RNLI lifeboat goes out on a shout?
Relief D class inshore lifeboat, Robleen D-768, launching into surf at Port Talbot

Photo: Stephen Duncombe

Keep in touch wherever you are by signing up for lifeboat launch SMS alerts. Or, if you download our Desktop Pager, you can keep up with our crews while working at your computer.

Select the stations you wish to follow - and when the crew gets the call, you will too.  

The desktop pager launches and beeps when we have been notified of a launch:

Desktop pager with launch alert notification
  • keep informed of the latest launches
  • choose to monitor all stations or selected stations
  • includes an information banner telling you of latest RNLI information
  • set it up to start up when your computer is switched on 

The desktop pager needs internet access to monitor launches.

Available versions

  • Mac - This version works with OS X10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) (1.3.1)
  • Windows - This covers XP, Vista and Windows 7 (1.3.1)

A new version of the RNLI pager has been released (20/07/2012 Version 1.3.1) with some fixes and new stations added. This new pager will require Adobe Air to work.

Note: The RNLI has tested this application on all mainstream/leading operating systems including Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. However, due to the wide range of computer formats currently available, we cannot guarantee that it will work satisfactorily in all instances. For this reason we are also unable to provide support for this application.

Due to operational reasons, the desktop pager notifies you of launches after the launch has happened. In some cases, the delay in the notification can be up to an hour.

The pager is for PC and Mac and not mobile devices or tablets, for example: iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Download the desktop pager

Be notified on your mobile phone of RNLI lifeboat launches

Sign up to our SMS alerts and be notified of the latest RNLI lifeboat launches. SMS alerts are triggered by the same pager system that notifies the lifeboat’s volunteer crew members. This means that people who sign up to the service will know exactly when their local lifesavers have been called out.

However, unlike the crew members who can be summoned at any time, day or night, subscribers to the service can decide when they’d like to receive alerts and set a limit on how many messages they receive.

  • Keep informed of the latest lifeboat launches.
  • Choose which stations you would like to follow – you can keep up to date with your favourite station, or choose more than one lifeboat station to follow.
  • You will be charged 25p for each notification message received, where a portion of the fee will go to the RNLI - so not only do the alerts keep local people informed, but they are also contributing to the real cost of the lifeboat launch. The amount donated depends on your mobile operator, but everyone who signs up to the scheme will be helping to raise vital funds for the RNLI.

It is also possible to pause the service for a while, for example, while going abroad on holiday.

And to stop the alerts, simply reply STOP to one of the alerts that you have already received.

So, keep in touch with text alerts and sign up for the service now!