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Still from the Storm Force Rescue game showing a Tamar class lifeboat going to the aid of a sinking fishing vessel

Storm Force Rescue

Race to save lives in our free-to-download game!

Help! Someone is in danger at sea! Take to the water and save lives in the RNLI’s Storm Force Rescue game. Race against time to get to casualties and bring them back to safety before the time runs out.  Inspired by the lifesaving work of the RNLI, choose from five characters as you tackle different rescue scenarios.


Just like an RNLI lifesaver, use your skills to navigate the challenging conditions on the back of a rescue board, an RNLI rescue watercraft, and three types of lifeboat. Face increasingly tough conditions, from rip currents and rocks to wailing winds and big waves. Can you get to the casualties in time?

Five lifesaving scenarios 

SURF TO THE RESCUE on the back of an RNLI lifeguard rescue board. Tap as fast as you can to get to the casualties in time! 

SKI TO THE RESCUE on an RNLI rescue watercraft. Dodge waves and obstacles to get to the swimmers in danger. 

MOTOR TO THE RESCUE in a D class inshore lifeboat. Battle waves and surf to rescue people in the water. 

POWER TO THE RESCUE in a Shannon class lifeboat. The crew of a sinking fishing boat are in danger. Will you get there in time? 

LAUNCH TO THE RESCUE in a Tamar class lifeboat. Fly down a slipway, brave big waves and dodge treacherous rocks as you race to save lives. 


Storm Force Rescue has been created for the RNLI’s 200th anniversary, with thanks to the RNLI 200 Club for funding this project. Join us in marking 200 years of saving lives at sea by playing this game and challenging your friends to beat your high scores.

So, are you ready to answer the call to rescue? Play now and start saving lives! And make sure you share your scores and screenshots on our socials.

Play on your desktop! PS, the game may take a minute to load on some browsers so please be patient crew mate!

Storm Force Rescue

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