You can provide the facilities they urgently need

Tower is the UK’s busiest lifeboat station, launching 521 times in 2019 alone. Facing fast-moving water, bridges, debris and constant river traffic on the Thames, the crew need to respond to calls as quickly as possible. That’s why they’re on station 24/7. Volunteers work in 12-hour shifts, ready to launch within 90 seconds.

But their station is old, cramped and no longer fit for purpose. Floating on the river, the whole building rises and falls 7m with each tide. Every time a boat passes by, the station smacks against the river wall. This makes it impossible for the crew to rest on their long shifts or concentrate on their training. And with the constant bumping around, the structure is now beyond economical repair.

The station also lacks the facilities the crew needs to give the best possible care to casualties. As Thames Commander and Station Manager Kevin Maynard explains: ‘When we need to urgently carry out CPR for instance, there’s no privacy from general public walking along the bridge.’

You can give the Tower crew the lifeboat station they deserve. Your kind donation will fund a new, purpose-built station with all the proper facilities. You’ll be part of the crew, helping to save lives in the heart of London for decades to come.

View of Tower Lifeboat Station taken from Waterloo Bridge

RNLI/Harrison Bates

Tower Lifeboat Station since 2002

8,361 launches

1,889 people rescued

90 seconds average launch time

24/7 crewed around the clock

12 hour shifts

55 volunteer crew

Figures correct as of March 2021.

Your kind donation will go towards funding Tower Lifeboat Station. Our appeal target is £33,000 and this, along with other generous donations, will fund the preparation, build and commissioning of the new RNLI Tower Lifeboat Station.

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