Your kindness can provide the lifeboat station Dart RNLI crucially need and deserve

Dart RNLI is one of the busiest lifeboat stations in Devon, on call to emergencies in the Dart Estuary all the way up to Totnes and out to sea. Facing fast-moving water, constant traffic on the river, a tidal estuary, and coastal conditions like swell and exposure to the elements, the lifeboat crew respond to all kinds of rescues. But they can’t do it alone.

These brave volunteers rely on the generous support of caring people like you. Their current station is a temporary building at the end of its lease and, to continue saving lives, they need your help to fund the £1.2M cost of their new lifesaving home.

Six Dart lifeboat volunteers stood outside of the boathouse around the D class lifeboat, all wearing full crew kit

Photo: RNLI/Nigel Millard

The crew’s current station is a temporary one, a quarter of a mile from the launch site

Coming home

Dart’s new station location, Ferry View House, was the original lifeboat station established in the 1800s – so today’s volunteers will be returning to the place where their lifesaving story began.

At the current, temporary lifeboat station, the crew launch their D class lifeboat by driving it a quarter of a mile across a park that can get very muddy and two main roads - it's not an easy task. Your kind donation today will help shave precious minutes off launch times as the new building is directly opposite a slipway – crucial when lives are on the line.

You can give the Dart volunteers the lifesaving home they deserve. Your kind donation will help them return to a purpose-built station with all the proper facilities. You’ll be part of the crew, helping to save every one around Devon's coastline for decades to come.

Dart lifeboat volunteers crew motor out of the Dart Estuary in their D class lifeboat Spirit of the Dart

Photo: RNLI/Nigel Millard

The whole community can take pride in their new permanent lifeboat station

Dart Lifeboat Station since 2007*:

500+ Launches

530+ people helped

22 Volunteer crew

17 OTHER STATION Volunteers

*Dartmouth's first RNLI station served 1878-96. Dart's current station opened in 2007.

'It will give everyone a sense of security that we're here to stay and save lives'

'Launching across main roads and a sometimes very muddy park can be a challenge. Our new location will resolve this and massively reduce launch times', says Volunteer Helm Rich Eggleton.

'At the moment, we get changed in the boat hall and, when the roller shutters go up, you get blasted by the elements. It's like getting kitted up outside. Imagine that at 2am in winter!

The new station site is going to make life a lot easier and safer. We're really looking forward to having a permanent home, with everything in the right place. We've never really had that. It will give everyone a sense of security that we're here to stay and can carry on saving lives.'

Your kind donation will go towards funding Dart RNLI’s new lifeboat station. Our target is £1.2M, and your support – no matter how much you are able to give – will help fund the renovation.

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Four Dart lifeboat volunteers stood outside of the boathouse all wearing full crew kit

RNLI/Nigel Millard

Thank you for kindly supporting the volunteer crew

Dart Lifeboat Station Appeal

Any funds raised over our £1.2M target will go towards funding our lifesaving work around the UK and Ireland. Thank you for continued support and generosity.

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