Christmas Shannon appeal

Over the Christmas period, our volunteer crews were on call, putting their lives on hold to be ready to save lives at sea at a moment's notice.

We must do everything we can to keep them safe during a rescue. That's why we asked for your help to fund a new Shannon class lifeboat.

The Shannon class lifeboat cutting through the waves creating a lot of spray

Photo: RNLI/Nigel Millard

Christmas Shannon appeal

Our crews are counting on you

As part of the relief fleet, the new Shannon will stand in for other boats that need repairs or maintenance around our coasts. Without these relief lifeboats, we simply couldn’t provide a continuous 24-hour rescue service. 

Every aspect of this lifeboat is designed to protect our crews at sea. From the shock-absorbing seats that shield our crews from the impact of rough seas to the waterjets that make the boat more agile, she’s built for safety in a rescue.

*Any funds raised over our £640,000 target will go towards funding our lifesaving work around the UK and Ireland.