Swim Safe

Every summer, the RNLI and Swim England help thousands of children stay safe on the beach through free Swim Safe sessions. 

How to book a free Swim Safe session

Swim Safe takes place every summer, from May to September, at selected coastal and inland locations across the UK.

Book your free session at swimsafe.org.uk.

What is Swim Safe?

Swim Safe is a free, fun outdoor swimming session with fully qualified lifeguards and swimming instructors. 

Young people love swimming outdoors – but swimming in the sea, rivers and lakes is very different to swimming in a pool. Swim Safe is a community-focused programme that gives children aged 7–14 an opportunity to learn how to be safe in and around open water.

The practical sessions are designed to help young people who can already swim 25m unaided to improve their swimming ability and feel more confident in the water. There are public sessions and sessions specially designed for schools.

To find out more, visit swimsafe.org.uk.

Teach your child to float

Learning to float is one of the skills children are taught in Swim Safe – one that could save your child’s life. This essential life skill will teach them to keep their airways clear of the water and control their breathing if they get into trouble in the water. Watch our video on how to float and practise next time you visit the pool.