Help protect your community

Every year, around 400* people drown in the seas and inland waters of the UK, and these tragic accidents happen all year round. Take part in our free throw bag training to make sure you and your staff know how to keep people safe by the water.

The RNLI Waterside Responder scheme is seeking to reduce that figure by providing specialist training to hospitality staff, security staff and waterside community members to help prevent drowning around rivers and waterways across the UK and Ireland.

With free training, you can save lives

We invite you, and your venue’s staff, to take part in our free throw bag training**. During this session, the RNLI or one our selected partners in your area will train your teams how to:-

  • use a throw bag to help rescue somebody in the water
  • provide safety advice to people using waterside areas
  • understand the risks of the waterside near your venue

If your venue is near the water and you’d like your staff to take part in this free training, please complete our throw bag training sign up form. If you are a partner agency looking for more information on delivering training in your area please email [email protected].

Note: If a risk assessment determines that vocational training, as part of your statutory obligation, is needed for staff and volunteers that may be at risk from falling into the water, you should get in touch with the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) who can give that specialist training.

What happens next?

When we've received your form, a RNLI representative will be in touch to arrange free training at your site. Training manuals, quick reference key cards, throw bags and storage will all be provided for you. It will be your venue's responsibility to store and maintain the throw bags, and we will give guidance on this as part of the training.

Andrea Corries Story

Andrea Corrie’s son, James, was just 19 when he tragically lost his life after enjoying a night out with friends by the River Thames at Kingston. Andrea has campaigned tirelessly ever since to educate others about the dangers of drinking near the water at riverside pubs and to make this stretch of the river safer for others.

*Source: WAID UK fatalities accidental and natural causes only 2011-15.

**To the fullest extent permitted by law, the RNLI shall not be liable for any acts of the rescuer which are not in accordance with the RNLI usage instructions or training whilst using the throw bag.