Our people

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things are at the heart of the RNLI.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things are at the heart  of the RNLI

Photo: Mike Lavis

 Mayday campaign fundraisers.

The vast majority are volunteers. From our brave lifeboat crews and lifeguards, who risk their lives to save others. To our generous supporters who make their lifesaving possible. From our selfless volunteers, who devote their time and energy. To our dedicated staff, who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

On lifeboats, at lifeboat stations, on beaches, in shops, in schools, at fundraising events, in coastal communities, in museums, in offices, at home or on the factory floor, they all share a common purpose - saving lives at sea.

Lifeboat station volunteers
Our trained station volunteers are at the centre of RNLI lifesaving around our coasts.
Meet our lifeboat station volunteers
RNLI lifeguards save lives on the beach and in the community.
Meet our lifeguards
Heritage volunteers
Our heritage volunteers keep our stories of courage and innovation alive.
Meet our heritage volunteers
Fundraising volunteers
Our community fundraising volunteers raise vital funds for our lifesaving work.
Meet our fundraising volunteers
Community safety and youth education volunteers
Volunteers dedicated to raising water safety awareness in communities and at schools.
Meet our safety and education volunteers
Our staff
Working behind the scenes is the team behind our lifeboat crews, lifeguards and safety campaigns.
Meet our staff
Promoting the RNLI
People who help to make our voice heard and attract new supporters.
Meet our champions
The sea does not discriminate – and neither do we
It takes a deep level of trust for our crews to save lives at sea. That kind of trust only comes from people knowing they can be who they are with each other – and be accepted for it.
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