Meet our fundraising volunteers

To operate a professional 24-hour search and rescue service at 238 lifeboat stations - and do all the other work we do – we must raise almost £180 million every year.

Mmaxwell Callister fundraising volunteer with tools of the trade

Photo: Nathan Williams

Maxwell Callister, fundraising volunteer

Around 20,000 community fundraising volunteers - at RNLI branches, guilds and other fundraising groups, and in RNLI shops and visitor centres - raise much-needed funds. People who can’t make a regular commitment help out when they can, or raise money through taking part in sponsored events.

Ready to join our fundraisers? Whether you're looking for the perfect idea or need a hand planning and promoting your activity, we've got everything you'll need to smash your fundraising targets and help save lives at sea.

Troon RNLI Fundraising Volunteer Jean Shields
Fundraising Volunteer Jean Shields
'I am a mad woman with a mission to raise money!'
Meet Jean
Arklow RNLI Fundraising Chairman Michael Mordaunt
Arklow RNLI Fundraising Chairman Michael Mordaunt
'At the end of the day, it’s all about that boat.'
Meet Michael