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Free water safety workshops

Free teaching resources to educate your children on water safety

A female RNLI Education volunteer giving prevention and safety advice to the children of Coldfall primary School in London.

Photo: RNLI

Looking for a way of educating and engaging young people with fundamental water safety skills? Want to build in time to prepare your young people with beach and water safety skills ahead of the summer? Then why not take advantage of our free water safety teaching activities, that are available to you now and throughout the summer term.

The materials have been designed to be fun and engaging, combining videos, problem-solving activities and guided discussions. Not only will they get brains working, the activities also pass on invaluable water safety advice. Something that will stay with young people and help them safely enjoy the beach and water for many years to come.

All the activities have been carefully put together by our Water Safety Team and have been specifically tailored for primary and secondary school aged learners. You can access all the materials by using the links below:

Teaching packs