Personality Test

Take this fun personality quiz and start a conversation about peer pressure.

RNLI Personality Test activity slides
  • 10 minutes
  • Optional: display equipment
  • Optional: printer
  • Stay together
  • Float
  • RNLI engagement and awareness

This short true or false personality test can be used in conjunction with another activity, starting a conversation about risky behaviour and peer pressure.

It has no psychological grounding and is simply intended as a fun way to stimulate conversation.

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The quiz can be printed, or accessed on-screen if they have access to the interactive version.

The results can be compiled and shared with the class to see whether the leaders of the group and the ones students thought they would be.

Curriculum links: 

  • England KS4&5, PSHE, Health & Wellbeing
  • Northern Ireland KS4, LLW, Personal Development
  • Republic of Ireland SPHE, Personal Safety
  • Scotland Senior Phase
  • Wales Health and well-being 

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