How Risky is this?

Work in pairs or small groups to sort risky behaviours from most to the least risky.

RNLI How Risky Is This activity slides
  • 20 minutes
  • Optional: display equipment
  • Optional: printer
  • Stop and think

An effective starter activity to stimulate group debate about cold water, not using the correct equipment and playing the waters’ edge.

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Using the printable behaviour cards provided, split the group into pairs or smaller groups. Have them review the behaviours and sort them by which they think is the most and least risky.

Curriculum links: 

  • England KS2 PSHE Health & Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World
  • Northern Ireland KS1&2, PD&MU, Personal Understanding and Health
  • Republic of Ireland SPHE, Myself
  • Scotland First & Second Level, PSE / HWB
  • Wales Health and well-being
Play this video to help share our key water safety messages and bring the work of the RNLI to life for your young people.

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