Hazard Scenarios

Work in pairs to decide how to react to different hazardous scenarios.

RNLI Hazard Scenarios activity slides
  • 30 minutes
  • Optional: display equipment
  • Optional: printer
  • Stay together

Work through four different water hazard scenarios with the students, using multiple choice responses to identify the correct behaviour for each.

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Students should discuss each response with their partner, using the printable worksheet provided to decide which is safest.

Come back together as a group afterwards to discuss each scenario.

If your school has a voting system facility, you may wish to use it for this task.

Curriculum links: 

  • England KS3, PSHE Health & Wellbeing
  • Northern Ireland KS3, LLW, Personal Development
  • Republic of Ireland SPHE, Personal Safety
  • Scotland Third & Forth Level, PSE / HWB
  • Wales Health and well-being 

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