Be a trustee, advisory and council volunteer

Use your experience and expertise to support the running of the charity. 

The RNLI’s trustees set the charity’s strategic direction and give valuable guidance and support.

They are all volunteers and bring a wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise to the RNLI. 

RNLI trustees commit to a 3-year term, but some trustees can serve up to 9 consecutive years before being required to step down for at least 3 years.

Trustees are appointed from within and by the RNLI Council at the Annual Meeting of the Council each July. However other people with the right skills and experience may also be considered.

The RNLI Council provides a wealth of experience and expertise to support the running of the charity.

Council members advise and assist our decision-making body, the RNLI Trustee Board, and act as important ambassadors for our lifesaving cause.

What trustee, council and advisory roles can you do? 


Provides effective leadership and direction to the Board and Council, enabling the Trustees and Council to fulfil their responsibilities for the governance and strategic direction of the RNLI.

Council member

Advises the Trustee Board and Executive Team on broad policy and strategy issues facing the RNLI.


Ultimately responsible for all the activities of the RNLI in pursuit of its aims, always acting in the best interests of the charity and its beneficiaries.

Committee member

Provides advice and support to the Trustee Board and Executive Team on particular aspects of the RNLI’s business.

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