Lifeboat Lottery winners

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

By playing our quarterly Lifeboat Lottery, not only are you giving yourself a chance to win one of our fantastic prizes, you’re continuing to help our brave volunteers by giving them the kit, training and operational support so they can reach people in time, reunite families and save lives – thank you.

Summer 2022 winners:

1st prize: £5,000 Mr Pearce from the West Midlands
2nd prize: £2,000 Mr Hemy from Newcastle
3rd prize: £500 Mrs Serle from Bristol
4th prize: £250 Mr Flatley from Kent

5th prizes: 10 x £100 - Miss Parry from Hampshire, K Gwillam from Devon, Mrs Ledgar from Cheshire, A Steed from Suffolk, Mrs Hampton from Gwynedd, Mrs Cole from Essex, Mrs Horlick from Hampshire, Ms Reyner from Oban, Mrs Wiseham from Bedfordshire, Mr Veasey from Oxfordshire

6th prizes: 36 x £25 - Mrs Brook from Hertfordshire, Mrs Taylor from West Midlands, Mrs Jones from Middlesex, Mrs Davies from Suffolk, Mrs Bishop from Yorkshire, Mr Hayward from Cheshire, Mrs Wood from Devon, Mrs Rees from Hampshire, B Lonsdale from Durham, Mr De Vos from Devon, Ms Nance from Shropshire, Mrs Clarke from Greater Manchester, Mrs Crossland from Suffolk, Mr Fry from Cheshire, Mrs Bartlett from West Yorkshire, Mr Cox from West Midlands, Mr Clarke from Swansea, Mrs Johnson from East Sussex, Mr Norton from Norfolk, Mr Hancox from  Derbyshire, Dr Mann from Suffolk, Dr Rees from Wiltshire, Mr Peck from Northumberland, Mrs Flint fom Derbyshire, D Holdcroft from Devon, Mrs Whitmore from Worcestershire, Mrs Williams from Dyfed, Mr Harris from the West Midlands, Mr Chaplin from Wiltshire, Mr Manning from Aberdeenshire, Mr Pavitt from East Sussex, Mrs Cooper from Morayshire, Mrs Lloyd from Essex, Mrs Morris from Hampshire, Miss Quick from Kent, Mr Seaward from Kent

Spring 2022 winners:

1st prize: £5,000 Mrs Mitchell from Stockport
2nd prize: £2,000 Mrs Gordon from Warminster
3rd prize: £500Mrs Gray from Worcester
4th prize: £250 Mrs Mumford from Swansea

Five prizes of £100 each
Ms Gibbs from Lowestoft
Mrs Nightingale from Preston
Mrs Barnes from Manchester
Mr Shaw from Hinckley
Mrs Sockett from Wolverhampton

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