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Lifeboat Lottery winners

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

By playing our quarterly Lifeboat Lottery, not only are you giving yourself a chance to win one of our fantastic prizes, you’re continuing to help our brave volunteers by giving them the kit, training and operational support so they can reach people in time, reunite families and save lives – thank you.

Winter 2024 winners: 

1st prize: £5,000 Mr Wallis from Cambridgeshire
2nd prize: £2,000 Mrs Appleton from Hertfordshire
3rd prize: £500 Mr Hicks from Kent
4th prize: £250 Mr Foster from Newcastle Upon Tyne

5th prizes: 10 x £100 - Mrs Gilley from Hertfordshire, Mrs Moon from Surrey, Mr Edwards from Berkshire, Mr Whittaker from Lanarkshire, Mr Batt from Cornwall, Mrs Moore-Dutton from Cheshire, Miss Hildred from North Yorkshire, Mrs Blunder from West Yorkshire, Mr Hanson from Lancashire, Ms Dawson from Aberdeen 

6th prizes: 36 x £25 -  Mrs Leadbetter from Reading, Mrs Forsyth from Lanarkshire, Mr Hooper from Launceston, Mrs Kay from Merseyside, A Clements from Avon, Mr Bayne from East Sussex, Mr Youde from Cheshire, Mrs Tinsley from London, Mrs Hughes from West Sussex, Mr Lloyd-Martin from Leeds, Mrs Goodwin from Wiltshire, Mr Voguer from Merseyside, Mr Hollingworth from Lincolnshire, Miss Jones from Hampshire, Mrs Wilson from Gwynedd, Mrs Baxter from Cambridgeshire, Mrs Haine from Oxfordshire, Mr Jones from Lincolnshire, Mrs Reid from Aberdeenshire, Mr Watts from Devon, Mrs Denham from Staffordshire, Mr MacDonald from Isle of Lewis, Mr Cowell from Essex, Mr Sharron from Hove, Mr Thurston from St Albans, Ms Blackwell from Essex, Mrs Poulton from Berkshire, Mr Hill from Gloucestershire, Mr Crago from Cornwall, Mr Sampson from Bedfordshire, Mr Sampson from Cambridge, Mrs Paine from Hampshire, Mrs Bolt from West Sussex, Mrs Latus from East Yorkshire, Mr Nicolson from Lanarkshire, Mrs Watson from Surrey

Christmas 2023 winners:

1st prize: £10,000 H Bardwell from Suffolk
2nd prize: £2,000 Mr McAnelly from Tyne and Wear
3rd prize: £500 Mr Wright from Northamptonshire
4th prize: £250 Mr Loomes from Devon

5th prizes: 10 x £100 - Mr Maddison from Devon, Mr Thornhill from Wiltshire, Mrs Hinson from Northamptonshire, Mrs Malcolm from County Durham, Mrs Wilson from West Glamorgan, Mr Middleton from Buckinghamshire, Mr Roberts from North Yorkshire, Mr Anderton from West Yorkshire, Mrs Manners from Hertfordshire, M Smith from Aberdeenshire

6th prizes: 36 x £25 -  A Doble from Cornwall, Mr Speedy from Devon, Mr Cutter from Dorset, Ms Brett from Cheshire, Mrs Holmes from West Yorkshire, Mr Filby from Cambridgeshire, Mrs Smither from Essex, Mrs Hamlyn from Devon, Mrs Moffatt from North Yorkshire, Mrs Lewis from Surrey, Mrs Goodenough from Surrey, Mr Crumpton from Surrey, Mrs Lovegrove from Middlesex, Mr Smith from Hampshire, Mrs Lucas from Worcestershire, Mrs Stevens from Lancashire, Miss McNally from Oxfordshire, Mrs Duance from Somerset, Mr McCullough from Wiltshire, Miss Mealey from Greater Manchester, Mrs Prescott from Merseyside, Mr Clough from West Yorkshire, Mrs Stoddart from East Sussex, Miss Kershaw from North Yorkshire, Mr Wilford from Berkshire, Mrs Hubbard from Essex, Mr Trowbridge from Essex, Mrs Nash from Hertfordshire, Mr Marsh from Kent, Mrs Tiffany from Merseyside, Mr Butler from West Midlands, Mr Tomlinson from Herefordshire, Mrs Arklie from Lanarkshire, Mr Yeo from Cheshire, J Klaveness from Cheshire, Miss Stewart from Argyll

Summer 2023 winners:

1st prize: £5,000 Mr Capdevila, Cornwall
2nd prize: £2,000 Mr Smith, Newcastle
3rd prize: £500 L Childs, Hampshire
4th prize: £250 Mr Valentine, Lancashire
5th prizes: 10 x £100 - K James from Blackwood, Mr Nelson from Cleveland, Mrs Bannerman from Midlothian, Mrs Thomson from Glasgow, Mrs King from Bristol, Mrs Duff from Essex, Mr Tridgell from Dover, Mr Barkle from Somerset, Mr Mckim from Norwich, Mrs Crocker from Kent.
6th prizes: 36 x £25 - Mrs Woodman from Bedfordshire, Mrs Crabb from Dorset, Mrs Brennan from Surrey, J Clark from Renfrewshire, Mr Terry from Avon, Mr Bloor from Rotherham, Mr Stobie from Roxburghshire, Mr Davies from West Midlands, Mrs Snell from Dorset, Mr Bywell from Surrey, Mrs Palmer from Gloucestershire, Mr Bartley from Essex, Mr Dickens from Shropshire, Mrs Davies from Shropshire, Mr Wardle from Shropshire , Mr Weston from Bedfordshire, Mrs Scott from Hampshire, Mr Draper from Surrey, Mrs Block from Dorset, Mr Brewster from Gwynedd, Mrs Green from Nottinghamshire, Mr Gray from North Berwick, Mrs Watkins from Worthing, Ms Allison from Glasgow, Mr Vigor from Northumberland, Mr Leek from Cambridgeshire, Mr Dietz from Hampshire, Mr Axford from Sherbourne, Miss Gilmour from Argyll, Mr Bennington from Suffolk, Mrs Williams from Cambridgeshire, Mr McCann from Kent, Mr Hardwick from Worcester, Mrs Threadgould from South Yorkshire, Mrs Padden from Lancashire , Mrs Robertson from Perthshire.

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