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Stonehaven Lifeboat Station’s B class lifeboat is powering through the water at sea with four crew members onboard.

Stonehaven RNLI volunteers need your help

Your Stonehaven RNLI lifesavers desperately need a new lifeboat station. will you help them raise £50,000 towards the cost?
Nicholas Leach

Courageous lifeboat volunteers at Stonehaven have been saving lives at sea for over 130 years. But for the past 10 years, the crew have been launching to rescue from a very small, aging portacabin. This cannot go on. They desperately need, and deserve, a purpose-built lifeboat station.

The RNLI is a charity, and like all our crews, the Stonehaven volunteers rely on the generous support of people like you to save lives. So, by helping to fund a new RNLI lifeboat station, you’ll not only be a lifesaver for our Stonehaven volunteers, but for the people who rely on their critical search and rescue service.

‘Our current boatshed on Old Pier dates back to 1890, and our crew quarters are down a little lane in a separate, temporary portacabin.

‘The portacabin is rusty. Inside, it’s very small. There are no showers to warm up the crew after a shout. And with no means of washing kit or space for kit to fully dry, we can’t maintain it effectively, which leads to increased wear and tear.

‘But a new lifeboat station would change things completely. It would be hugely beneficial in so many ways.

 ‘Every pound you give to this appeal will help to make it possible. Your support means we’ll be able to provide a more comfortable recovery area for casualties we bring back to the station, and showers to warm up in. We’ll have a dedicated space for our vital training sessions, as well as space to store all our kit, spare parts and fundraising materials.

‘There are so many other benefits but, above all, being able to keep the lifeboat and its launching tractor and trailer in the same building will shave vital seconds off our launch times, which will ultimately help us save every one we can.

‘Thank you - your kindness will help save lives.’

Andy Martin
Lifeboat Operations Manager and Helm
Stonehaven Lifeboat Station

Stonehaven Lifeboat Station’s B class lifeboat being pulled out of the shallow water, and onto the shore, by the launch and recovery tractor.

Photo: Nicholas Leach

The new lifeboat station would have enough space for the lifeboat and the launching equipment to be together.





*Rescue statistics are representative of January 1970 to April 2023.

Stonehaven crew have a B class Atlantic 85 lifeboat. It has a top speed of 35 knots, making it one of the fastest in the RNLI fleet. And it’s much needed - the crew cover around 30 miles of Scotland’s north-east coastline. Within those 30 miles is Aberdeenshire’s largest recreational harbour. As well as yacht, paddleboarding and sea kayaking clubs, it also has a number of commercial fishing boats. 

There are beaches too, including Stonehaven Beach. It isn’t lifeguarded and, on a summer’s day, there can be up to 300 people there. So, it can get extremely busy for the Stonehaven lifeboat volunteers.

Mum-of-two Andrea Hyde knows first-hand just how important it is that the crew can reach people quickly. The Stonehaven lifeboat volunteers pulled Andrea out of deep water in the middle of Stonehaven Bay at the last second - just as she was going under. Andrea says: ‘Without their efforts that night, my girls wouldn’t have a mum.’

By giving to this appeal, you’ll be helping the Stonehaven lifeboat crew reach more people like Andrea in time. Your kindness will help save lives and reunite families.

*Our Station Appeal target is £50,000 which will go towards the total £900,000 cost for a new lifeboat station. Anything raised over the £900,000 total cost will go towards funding our lifesaving work across the UK and Ireland.

Thank you for supporting the volunteer crew at Stonehaven. If you have any questions about the Stonehaven Appeal, or would like to donate by phone, please call 0300 300 9917 on weekdays, 8am to 6pm.