When the adrenaline kicks in, so does their training

Our lifesavers never forget the first time they’re asked to launch. It’s not unusual to feel a bit apprehensive. Adrenaline soars. Some ask themselves: ‘Will we get there in time?’ But as they fly down the slipway, their preparation kicks in – they are calm and focused. That’s all down to their kit and training – things they wouldn’t have without our supporters. A donation from you will help keep them ready for anything.

St Davids RNLI Tamar class lifeboat Norah Wortle launches down the slipway and hits the water with lots of spray

RNLI/Nigel Millard

The St Davids crew launch down the slipway


8,000+ shouts expected

238 Stations need crew kit

5,600 crew relying on training

KINDNESS Saves lives

Every crew member plays a part. Including you

The sea doesn’t get any less dangerous. And the need for lifesaving skills doesn’t go away. Our volunteer crews train hard to get and stay ready. They study their kit and lifeboat. They then develop skills at sea: navigation, casualty care, sea survival and more.

We’re heading into another challenging year. All around the coast, RNLI crews – many with new volunteers – are depending on the equipment and training that keeps them ready. And they’re depending on people like you, because the courses, assessments and PPE all come at a cost – and the RNLI is a charity.

Will you consider making a donation today that will help prepare volunteers for their first shouts?

RNLI Kinsale crew members on a training exercise in their Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat

RNLI/David Branigan

The crew of RNLI Kinsale’s Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat honing their lifesaving skills

If you've got any questions about our appeal, or would like to donate by phone, please call our Supporter Experience Team on 0300 300 9907 (from the UK) or 01 511 9833 (from Ireland) on weekdays, 8am–6pm.

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