Show your support for Chiswick Lifeboat Station

Help provide our lifeboat crew with essential training and lifesaving equipment.

Saving lives on the Thames

Every year, up to 400,000 people gather along the Thames to watch one of the most iconic events in the sporting calendar. Teams from Oxford and Cambridge Universities putting months of training and preparation into action, as they race for victory on the Thames.

Every day, our lifeboat crews take part in a different kind of race. A race against time. Not for personal pride or victory. But to save lives. And it’s the training and preparation that the crew of Chiswick Lifeboat Station put in that means they are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This doesn’t come without a cost. Training exercises and courses need to be funded, as does the equipment the crew use in life-and-death scenarios. And because we are a charity, we rely on donations to make sure crews have everything they need to save lives.

Keeping race day safe

Since 2002, Chiswick lifeboat crew have been casting a watchful eye on Boat Race day, helping spectators to stay safe as they cheer on the men and women in different shades of blue. You might not have noticed the orange lifeboats among the race flotilla before. You might not even know that there are lifeboats on the Thames at all. Until you need them. Until you are in the water, struggling to swim, and in desperate need of rescue. 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the crew at Chiswick are ready to launch. When the call to rescue comes in, Chiswick lifeboat can deploy within 90 seconds. But they couldn’t do it without donations from people like you. Every pound you donate will go towards providing the lifesavers at Chiswick with the training and kit they need so that when they are needed, they are ready.


217 launches in 2018

88 people rescued by the rnli during the boat race in 2015

36 rnli lifesavers keeping people safe during the boat race