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Inside the winter issue

It's always difficult to choose which rescues to feature in Lifeboat magazine. With an average of 23 people rescued a day, there's a lot of courage and determination to choose from.

A person in the water. Fisherman in a liferaft, having watched their trawler sink. We all know what makes a good headline. But there's one kind of call out that all too often gets skipped over - the humble tow.

In this issue, we look into the seamanship skills and quick decision making needed to tow someone home. And it's a lot more complicated than our volunteers make it look. Especially in high winter seas, strong winds and darkness.

These dark January nights are perfect for getting to know the stars - a useful means of navigation at sea in times gone by, and a source of awe for today's nature lovers and science fans. Get inspired later in the issue.

Speaking of which, Graham Campbell, Second Mechanic at Kirkwall, was doing some relief cover in Aith, Shetland, our most northerly station, when the aurora borealis put on a show.

Just another reminded this winter of the phenomenal power of nature, which our lifesavers take on every day - thanks in no small part to your support. 

Mairead Dwane

Lives risked in the rip

Constantly reading the conditions in sea and sky, lifeguards can prevent many incidents before they even begin. But when a rip current pulled a bodyboarder out to sea, one Devon team proved they were ready to give their all.

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Lifeguards training with an Arancia inshore rescue boat (IRB) in Devon

Photo: RNLI/Nathan Williams

Lifeguards training with an Arancia inshore rescue boat (IRB) in Devon

Bringing them home

Towing a stricken boat to the safety of port might seem routine but, in often gruelling conditions, it takes great skill and smart decision making. So what's involved in a tow?

Give it a go: Stargazing

When's the last time you looked up at the night sky? RNLI fundraiser and amateur astronomer Simon Perks tells us how we can all wonder at the stars above.

Read more interviews, rescues and features in the winter edition of Lifeboat and over at our web magazine.

View from Charmouth, Dorset, of the Milky Way, rising in the south east

Dorset Scouse Photographer

Lifeboat magazine winter cover

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