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Survival skills for kids in the sea

What skills does your child need to stay safe in the sea and at the beach?

Child floating on their back in a swimming pool

Let’s teach every child the life skills they need

Are your children ready for their next trip to the seaside? Being able to swim is important – but there are other skills and knowledge your child needs to stay safe in the water. 

Stop and think

Even before going near water, children need to be able to spot the dangers. Have they read any safety signs? Are they sticking with their family or friends? Are there slippery or sharp edges? Are there hidden dangers like currents, debris or rocks?

Skills to practise in the pool

These videos show you four skills to teach your children next time you’re in the pool. They could be a lifesaver.

FLOATING is an essential life skill – because, if your child gets into difficulty in the water, it’ll keep their airway clear, while their body gets over the effects of cold water shock.

TREADING WATER will help you child keep their head out of the water while keeping upright.
SIGNALLING FOR HELP in water is a skill in itself – because it can be difficult for children who are struggling to get noticed while also keeping themselves safe.
SURVIVAL STROKE is a swim technique best used when your child needs to move to a safer place in the water, or if they need to try to swim ashore.

These videos were made with the kind co-operation and support of Swim England and the staff of Bryanston School.