Lifeguard Sophie Grant-Crookston on the 200 Voices podcast
200 Voices an RNLI podcast

‘[Dad] knew it was a big deal – he’d seen the papers’

Episode 20 - Surviving the Surf: Sophie Grant-Crookston

After saving a surfer at Perranporth, Sophie became the first female RNLI lifeguard to be awarded a medal. She wishes her Dad had lived to see it.

Growing up in Cornwall, keeping vigil over those in the sea was a way of life for Sophie Grant-Crookston. When a relentless swell trapped a surfer in one of Perranporth’s notoriously dangerous Bat Caves, her years of training paid off. Sophie and her fellow lifeguards had to time their rescue perfectly to get everyone out alive. Listen to her memories of the 2006 rescue, the thoughts she experienced as the adrenaline surged – and hear about the bittersweet emotions on the medal that links her to the RNLI family forever.