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Watch: Launching with tractors

When the call for help comes in, it's not just our lifeboat crews who launch into action. Our volunteer shore crews are vital in helping us power to the rescue - with the aid of some mighty machines. 

For more than a century, tractors, their drivers, and shore crews have been hidden heroes, (literally) pulling more than their weight to launch lifeboats in raging seas, rough weather, and darkness.

Watch our video to see the whole range of specialist vehicles. From the long stretches of sand at Hoylake to the muddy harbour entrance at Anstruther, our tractors are tailored to the location of each lifeboat station. Take a look: 

Volunteer shore crews around our coasts will be launching lifeboats to face all sorts of weather conditions to rescue the next person in need. Your kindness today can help ensure they’re able to launch every time, and save every one who needs them.