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Saving Lives at Sea Series 7 Episode 5

Find out more about the stories and stations featured in series 7 episode 5 of Saving Lives at Sea, with rescues from Penarth, Eastbourne, Fistral Beach, and Arbroath.

In episode 5 we met Lifeboat Volunteer Liv Quinn from Penarth RNLI. In this video, join Liv and another familiar face, RNLI Lifeguard Jake Dean, from episode 3, as they chat about the RNLI, saving lives and what it was like to be filmed for TV.

Penarth: A drifting paddleboarder

Penarth’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat Maureen Lillian powers through the water on a grey day

Photo: Nicholas Leach

Penarth RNLI volunteers head out to find a missing paddleboarder

We saw Penarth RNLI launch both of their inshore lifeboats to search for a paddleboarder who was seen drifting into the Bristol Channel.

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Eastbourne: Cut off by the tide

Eastbourne’s D class inshore lifeboat in front of their Tamar all-weather class lifeboat

Photo: RNLI/Jo Whitaker

The volunteers at Eastbourne RNLI launch to two people cut off by the tide

Over in Eastbourne, it was a race against time as RNLI volunteers went to the rescue of two people cut off by the tide.

In West Kirby, RNLI volunteers went on a marathon mission to rescue 27 people cut off by the tide.  

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Fistral Beach: Stranded surfer

Next, we saw RNLI lifeguards at Fistral Beach rescuing a surfer who had been swept towards some rocks by powerful waves.

Nearby, in Mawgan Porth, RNLI lifeguards raced to the rescue of a swimmer caught in a rip current.

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Arbroath: Cliff fall

And finally, the crew at Arbroath RNLI went to the rescue of Skye, a cocker spaniel who had fallen from the cliffs. The crew carefully navigated a narrow gully in their inshore lifeboat to reach the dog, who was stranded on a large rock.

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