Listen to our lifesavers: The third series of the RNLI’s podcast

Ever wanted to listen in on what it’s really like for a volunteer to save a life at sea? Or how it feels to be rescued? What about when the tides turn, and it’s up to you to be your own lifesaver?  

In our brand-new series of our podcast Lifesavers, RNLI crew members, lifeguards and the people they’ve rescued are sharing exactly that. Listen to their personal stories in each episode below:  

Lifesavers, an RNLI podcast

Episode one: Alex and Tori’s story 

To be a lifesaver, RNLI lifeguards depend on their training. It’s vigorous. It’s world class. It’s what gives a lifeguard the skills to know exactly what to do when a life is on the line. So, what happens when all you train for doesn’t go to plan? In this episode, Mawgan Porth RNLI Lifeguards Alex and Tori share what was it was like to risk themselves for a stranger – retired Police Officer John – when all odds were against them. 

Episode two: Tina's story

When Tina was at her caravan in Benllech, Anglesey, last summer, her good friend Mags convinced her to try sea swimming with her. But when the conditions suddenly changed, and the two friends couldn’t get back to shore, Tina saved her own life in the water by remembering some crucial advice. Unlike most rescue stories, this is one about what it’s like to be your own lifesaver – and what happens when your best friend can’t do the same.

Episode three: Tyler’s story 

Sometimes, despite RNLI volunteers’ best efforts, a lifeboat launch doesn’t always bring someone safely home. It’s devastating – the worst feeling in the world. Our crews are determined to save every one who needs them. In this episode, crew members from St Agnes RNLI share what it was like as they embarked on a 45-hour search for a young missing fisherman called Tyler. And, we hear how those closest to Tyler did something amazing to support the volunteers who tirelessly searched for their best friend.    

Episode four: Gemma's story

What comes to mind when you picture a typical lifeboat rescue? Would you think of a scenario that’s not in the water? How about one that doesn’t require a lifeboat at all – but depends entirely on a volunteer’s medical skills? This was exactly the type of rescue Gemma needed in the summer of 2020, after she endured a near-fatal cycling accident off a 100ft cliff. Hear her remarkable story – and how it led her to become a fundraiser for the RNLI.  

Episode five: Dean's story

When Dean, from Birmingham, signed up for a 60-mile kayaking expedition with his cousin, they decided to get some training practice at the coast to prepare for the conditions. But as day fell into night, an offshore wind prevented them from getting back to shore. With empty batteries on their mobile phones, and exhaustion setting in from paddling against the impossible conditions – how would the lifeboat volunteers at Rhyl RNLI find Dean and his cousin in the dark, open sea? 

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Listen to our previous series of Lifesavers and hear the stories from other RNLI volunteers around the UK and Ireland. Every launch, every rescue and every life saved is made possible from the incredible support of people like you – so thank you.

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